World War II Army Adventure (69) – The Complete Story – October 19, 1944

DPG - Dave in uniform

David Peabody Guion

October 19, 1944

Dear Folks –

I guess it’s about time I told you the complete story here.  I don’t remember now what I told you and what I haven’t – but this is it anyway.

First of all this is a 40-man team.  There are five Sig. Cen. (Signal Center) Chiefs, five officers, sixteen clerks, and the rest make up the Crypt (Cryptography) section.

Most of the fellows who are on the team are the ones I went to Sig. Cen.  School with – Peck, Marlowe, Arnold, Hensley, Rundle – and more.  Then there are more fellows who I got to know after I got here – Anderson, Schwebel, Maher – and more.  You’ll probably hear a lot about these fellows from now on.  Hensley is about 30 yrs. old – used to travel with one of these western road shows.  He’s a great talker and a swell guy.  Arnold is a former advertising man – he’s got a good head on him – and he’s a good egg. Peck is a good-old Conn. man and pretty nice guy.  Hensley and Arnold, although they are both almost old enough to be my father are probably my best buddies.

I truthfully can’t think of a better bunch of guys to go across with.  And the size of the team makes it sound awfully good.  There are rumors that we’ll have just two more weekends in Crowder – but who knows.  I want you to know that my morale at present is higher than it’s been at any time since I was home last June.  I’m really pepped up over the situation.

There is plenty of chance for advancement – in fact my name – along with some others – is right now up at Bn. Hq. (Battalion Headquarters) for a possible T/5 rating.  I think the next time I write it will be as a Cpl. – but as it isn’t offered yet – I’d like to have you keep it a secret until you hear from me again.  If I get a T/5 I’ll start bucking for a T/4.  There are four T/4 ratings open – which will go to any of us who get the T/5’s.  Lt. Greenberger, who is the C.O. of the team, seems to be satisfied with me and told me that there was plenty of room for advancement.  He also mentioned Crypt.  – And asked me if I thought I’d like it.  Maybe I’ll be a Crypt. Tech. yet.

On my three-day pass – after I left Ft. Smith, I went to Fayetteville as planned – but – I ran into a little Arkansas lass – and this wasn’t planned.  Last weekend I went down to see her again – she’s really pretty nice and makes good company.  Nothing serious in all this of course – but it gives me something to do with my off time.  I think I’ll go down there again this weekend and then next weekend I’ll try to make connections with Paul (Dave might be referring to Paul Warden, the husband and father of Katherine Warden and her two children, who are renting the apartment at the Trumbull House).

Well – until you hear again –

Love –


P.S. Lorene Ennis is name of the Fayetteville girl.  I told Eleanor all about her.

Tomorrow I will begin posting two letter written at the end of May.  The first is a letter to lad from the owner of Trumbull Coach Lines, Inc., Lad’s former boss. the second is a four-page letter from Grandpa.

Judy Guion


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