Family – Dear Ced From Marian – May 17, 1945

This week the letters are written in 1945.  Lad is in southern France, His wife Marian is in Trumbull staying with Grandpa and Jean, Dick’s wife.  Dan is in northern France and planning a wedding with Paulette Van Laere, who lives in Calais.  Ced remains in Anchorage Alaska, Dick remains in Santeliza, Brazil and Dave is in Okinawa, the Philippines. 



May 17th

Dear Ced—

It certainly isn’t because I’ve forgotten you that I have neglected writing to you – but you know how it is. Dad’s letters every week seem to cover all the local news – and by the time I finish writing to Lad each night, there doesn’t seem to be much time to do anything else. So various and sundry friends and relatives get sadly neglected.

But that’s enough space for the Excuse, Please Department. Let’s see what else I can find to comment upon.

First and foremost is your darling Christmas gift. How did you know that I have a what-not shelf in my room that is practically bare and now, my little ivory figurine is the beginning of a collection. I hope to add more things to the shelf as time goes by. Thanks ever so much, Ced —

It seems as tho’ I’ve sort of annexed your room – you probably have visions of organdy frills and furbelows all over the place. I assure you that the dressing table is the only “frilly” piece of furniture – and that can be easily removed, when you are again ready to take occupancy of the room. For my stay is strictly temporary – and as soon as Lad gets home, we will be on our merry way, probably – the direction, North? East? South? or West remains to be seen.

From your reports upon the lack of snow this year, I imagine that your skiing activities are somewhat curtailed – or has Winter finally caught up to you, (We are trying to have winter all over again here in Conn.) so that you were able to get in some good skiing – I really envy you – being so close to such wonderful skiing country. It must be loads of fun. And I imagine your Ski Club has really been a lot of fun, too. The pictures you sent looked as tho’ they were all a lively bunch – and good sports, too.

You are not the only one in the family in the airplane business. My branch, however, is quite a bit different from yours – and probably much less interesting. I’m working at the Sikorsky Aircraft – doing very routine office work – but I don’t mind – Somehow, I’m quite satisfied not having to think too hard! Must admit that that is a heck of a rut to be in, but until Lad gets home, I’m just sort of marking time anyway –

Isn’t it exciting news about Dan and Paulette? We are really anxious to meet her – when this d___ war is over we might have a chance. Dan is keeping his fingers crossed, hoping to get a furlough in July – at least long enough time off to be married. So far he and Lad haven’t met but they are still trying –

Don’t work too hard – write to us when you have a chance –

As always –


For the next three days, I’ll be posting a long letter from Grandpa to “YOU”. On Friday, a letter from Lad in Langres, France. Judy Guion

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