Trumbull – Dear YOU: (3) – News From Aunt Elsie Guion – May 20, 1945

Elsie May Guion, summer, 1946

Elsie May Guion

page 3      5/20/45

Going back to the beginning, Lad, it’s quite remarkable at times what “weight” one word will have. We get so used to saying “Fine” in answer to the ofttimes meaningless question, “How are you?”, whether we are feeling fine or not – – much as we say “Good morning”, although it may be raining like the Dickens outside – – that the insertion of the word “honestly” in your opening paragraph makes what would otherwise be almost a banal remark take on real meaning, much as a drop of powerful die in a glass of pure water immediately colors the whole content. I think you really mean it, so here goes. Aside from the slowing up of normal physical activities which always comes with persons who pass the sixtymark, reminding them that they cannot do the things they did when in their thirties with as much dash and elan as then, I cannot honestly make any complaints. Dr. Laszlo looked me over a few months ago and said he could find no organic troubles and that I was probably good for 10 or 15 years yet unless I started to worry or tried to beat an auto at its own game. Several months ago, while out for a morning bracer, I slipped while crossing a stone wall and turned my ankle. It still bothers me, particularly going down stairs, but it is ever so gradually getting better. That’s the only blot on my escutsheon I have to report at the present writing. Thanks for the interest, and also for your report on your own condition.

Aunt Elsie’s varicose ulcer is still slowly improving but still has not returned to normal yet. Today was a beautiful, almost June-like day and she was out for a while taking a sun bath. The girls also were “busybodies” literally today. They got an early morning start on a big wash which the weather, for several Saturdays past, prevented their doing at that time. Then preparing dinner, sewing, weeding the garden, ironing, letter writing (and then I go to bed and I don’t know what happens after that until the midnight creak of the loose board inside my door tells me that fellow Morpheus is around again.)

But back to our star boarder. I quote: “What do you know! Elsie M. Guion is still at the Guion Estate. I did my best to get away and let the family get back to normalcy, but, I’ll blame it on the doctor – – he wouldn’t let me go. Now I’m glad because it’s given me the privilege of knowing better daughters-in-law #1 and #2. I’ve expressed my feelings about Jean in a letter to Dick and will take this opportunity to tell Lad and others how fortunate I am, and more to the point, how fortunate Lad is to know Marian. She’s “out of this world”, as the saying goes. She’s nice, friendly, loves fun and I don’t believe there is anything she can’t do. Lad, you are lucky the Army sent you to California to meet Marian. And knowing Lad, Marian thinks she’s lucky too, and she’ll realize it more and more as they have fun together through life. And the rest of the family share their luck doubly in knowing both. That’s all. E.M.G.

Yesterday, Mr. Pack, from across the street, brought over his brother, a captain of Engineers, who had just come back on furlough from Brazil and expected to go back again Tuesday. He helped build the base where Dick is and said he would look Dick up when he got back to that base if it were at all possible.

Still no letter from Ced. And his birthday draws nearer fast. Ced, old scout, (I refused to say “bean”), unless you don’t like the idea of a ring, please go to some Anchorage jeweler, get the size of ring for your middle or little finger, whichever you prefer, send the said size on to me and in due course, but not by June 1st, we shall try to see that a suitable remembrance from your doting father eventually reaches you. Who knows but what said ring might contain gold taken from the very land in which you abide! If you don’t like the idea much, please send me some substitute idea I can consider as a flash of inspiration for a suitable birthday gift – – and make it good – – and make it snappy. By the way, Dick and Dave, your birthdays too will eventually arrive. What do YOU want as a remembrance from your admiring   DAD?

Tomorrow I’ll post a letter from Lad, who is in southern France.

Judy Guion

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