World War II Army Adventure (78) – Dear Folks – Article Left Behind – January 5, 1945

5 Jan 45

Dear Folks –

Naturally I couldn’t just break off at home and come back to camp without leaving a little something behind me to remind you all of the few days I spent with you.  But now I find I must have the very article that I left at home.  It seems that the G.I. procedure is that every soldier wears what is commonly known as dog-tags.  So if one of you good soles (not a typo) would be so kind as to locate the missing articles and send them to this address before they Court-Marshall me – I sure would appreciate it.

My furlough ended on Monday at midnight.  The Jeffersonian was only 8 hours late – forcing me to miss two connections out of St. Louis.  Naturally I was slightly AWOL !! Only 12 hours late coming in.  But in the eyes of the C.O. our reason was a good one.  (There were three of us on the Jeffersonian).  It seems that ALL the trains were late – and most of the boys were AWOL a few hours.  Some even came in later than I did.

This week I’m working from 12 midnight until 8 in the morning in the code room at Shanty town (tar-paper barracks in camp now being used as cop operations buildings).  I “sleep” in my own bed during the day.  Either on Sunday or Monday we go into the field for a week’s training.  So next week I’ll be roughing it.  Don’t be surprised if by the end of next week I’m writing from the hospital.  Two weeks of furlough – two nights on a train – five nights of work – little sleep during the day – and finally one week of field training (maybe more night work) – – that’s enough to knock anyone down.

The old rumors of “Hot Outfit” are beginning to circulate again – maybe this time it will be the real thing.  The longer I hang around – the less I want to go.  I hope it’s either soon or never.  Dad, do you think I’d be smart in asking Uncle Burton if he could land me a job in Washington?  I’d just as soon keep the idea a little bit confidential so please answer separately.  Both of us are doing G-2 work (intelligence).



Tomorrow another letter from Dave’s World War II Army Adventure. 

Judy Guion

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