World War II Army Adventure (82) – Dear Folks – I Don’t Have Much Time – January 31, 1945

David Peabody Guion, taken when he was in Trumbull around February, 1944

31 Jan 45

Dear Folks –

I don’t have much time – but I’ll try to scribble this off.  It will probably be my last for a while.

Enclosed, I hope you will find a money order for $75 – I still owe you $50.  I think I’ll be able to send about $50.  A month home – but I’ll have to see where I’m going first.

I guess you know that Air Mail to men in service overseas is 6 cents.  I didn’t know it ’til yesterday.

They’ll hold this letter with a money order in it ’til I go – so when you get this I’ll be in the cool calm Pacific.  So long – I’ll be back before you know it.



P.S. ——- Morale ——— Excellent !

Tomorrow another letter from Dave’s World War II Army Adventure. 

Judy Guion


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