World War II Army Adventure (83) – Dear Sir – Letter From Corporal Bernard C Arnold – February 25, 1945

Camp Crowder, Mo.

February 25, 1945

Alfred D. Guion

P. O. Box 7

Trumbull, Conn.

Dear Sir,

Your son David has asked me to write you and inform you that he has shipped from this camp today on a 48-hour notice.  As far as we know, this shipment, which included 32 men, is overseas and probably is headed for Seattle, Wash.,  port of embarkation. As you know, in the Army it is difficult to know, but the rest of this company of 173 man and 15 officers is supposed to follow shortly – however, we are dubious.

Dave is in good condition – had had a slight cold, but was better and was in fair spirits although he hated to leave this bunch of fellows – we’ve all been together for a number of months and are fairly close.  He left with four other signal center men on a five-man team.  He knew two of the other boys well.

Dave’s a fine lad and I’ve enjoyed knowing him.  Don’t know whether he’s told you anything about me, but I’m a 35-year “old man”, former advertising manager of the Emporia Gazette, Emporia, Kansas – and so we had a lot in common.

Dave wouldn’t want you to worry about him in any way Mr. Guion – he does a good job of taking care of himself and he’s planning big on that post-war advertising business.  He’s well-liked by all the fellows young and old – and we’re looking forward to seeing him soon.


                                                                                      Cpl. Bernard C. Arnold

P.S. It’ll probably be a number of days before he can write – so don’t worry.

Tomorrow I will begin posting letters written in the late summer of 1944. Lad and Marian are still in California where Lad is teaching Auto and Truck mechanics for h Army. Dan is in France and reportinghome after D-Day, Ced is still in Anchorage Alaska repairing airplanes for the Army and performing duties as a Bush Pilot.  Dick is in Santeliza, Brazil, and acting as a liaison officer between the Army and the Army-employed local workers.  Dave is at Camp Crowder, Missouri, continuing his training before being shipped overseas. 

Judy Guion 


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