To All My Sons, Except Ced (2) – July 30, 1944

Page 2   7/30/44

MIG - Marian Irwin Guion @ 1945, possibly in New HampshireMarian writes: “Another week has gone by and we still don’t know anything definite. The Army gets us all keyed up, thinking we are going to move within the hour practically, and then just let’s us wait literally holding our breaths. But you can be sure that when we do move it will be in a hurry. We had a very nice letter from Dave last week. He seems to feel as badly as we do about not being able to see him. Seems as though we just miss him each time. Maybe it the next time we’ll be more successful.” And Lad writes: “I’m not feeling too well, having eaten something yesterday but did not agree with me.”

Dear Marian:

Jean, who yesterday started her vacation, expects to write you soon to give you her famous tomato soup cake recipe. Elizabeth, who was here for dinner today, looked up the mocha frosting recipe and asked me to send it to you. Here it is:

Butter Frosting

4 tablespoons butter

2 cups confectioner’s sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 tablespoons cream

two egg yolks (may be omitted)

Cream butter, add sugar gradually, and continue creaming. Stir in unbeaten egg yolks and vanilla. Add cream as the frosting becomes thick. For mocha frosting, sift 1 tablespoon cocoa with sugar in Butter Frosting and use strong coffee infusion in place of cream.

Was sorry to hear about your mother’s operation, but I hope the cataract will be entirely removed and that she may regain her sight. If strong wishes would help, this would be assured, because the one very nice letter I received from her has put her in top place in my estimation. In fact I like the whole family.

Alfred Peabody Guion (Lad)

Dear Lad: Boy Scout knives are about as scarce as refrigerators, but I have already got Boy Scout headquarters working on the problem. They’re going to try to get something although we may have to take a second hand one. Tennis shoes also seem to be a thing of the past. The other items I anticipate no difficulty in obtaining. I am enclosing a series of articles which have been appearing the last few days in the Bridgeport paper by Ernie Pyle telling about ordnance activities on the Normandy front.

To you who may have known him, today’s paper states that Pfc. Joseph Lenhard, who went to school with Elizabeth, was killed in action June 28 at Saipan. He has been in the Pacific area since January, 1942.

David Peabody Guion

Dear Dave:   I haven’t heard from you about a jack so assume your P.X. doesn’t carry such things. I have just received authorization from the Rationing Board for a new grade one tire but even with a spare belonging to Ed Dolan, which I am now carrying, it wouldn’t do me much good without a jack and these are just as difficult to obtain as refrigerators or Boy Scout knives, evidently.

Cedric Duryee Guion

Dear Ced: Thanks, old son, for your business suggestions. With the labor situation here it is doubtful if I could turn out much more work if I got it. What would you think of an ad in the Anchorage paper? There are no refrigerators advertised in the classified column and I wouldn’t want to take a chance anyway on sending something so far without being darned sure it was in first class condition, so I’ll see what the dealers have.                                          DAD

Tomorrow, I’ll post the last piece of this letter which is addressed to Dick. On Thursday, I’ll post a letter from Marian. Friday, a wonderful and informative letter from Dan in Normandy.

Judy Guion

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