World War II Army Adventure (84) – V-MAIL From Dave To Grandpa – March, 1945

Well, here’s another note from your long-lost son.  I haven’t neglected you – I write when I can which isn’t very often.  The Army hasn’t figured any way to get mail off of ships at sea every day – so we have to wait ’til we land some place.  But it works both ways.  I haven’t had any mail since I left Crowder. I’ve been across the states now – and my impression of most of it is pretty favorable.  I’ve seen Hawaii (from the back of an Army truck) and my impression of it – is that it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen.  I crossed the Equator – but my impression there wasn’t so hot (my mistake,  it was so hot!).  We were initiated in true Navy style – I am now a shellback and no longer a pollywog.  But in order to become a shellback I had to get splotches of my hair cut off – undergo electric shocks – get my fanny paddled – get a good old Baptist submission in Equator water – become well massaged in grease – and drink some vile-tasting medicine.  I am now applying for the Purple Heart and Soldier’s Medal.  I am well and happy and learning a Hell of a lot.



Tomorrow another letter from Dave’s World War II Army Adventure. 

Judy Guion


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