Venezuelan Adventure (34) – Dear Gusher Guion – Dan Writes to Lad – June 20, 1939

Daniel Beck Guion


June 20

Dear Gusher Guion,

I regret not having written sooner but I had not yet decided the exact course to follow.

We have abandoned the Carora-Cabinas location and are working from Barquisimeto to Siguisigue.

At about the same time that Interamerica abandoned the old line, I (and Jim) abandoned Interamerica. We went to Maracaibo, disported ourselves for a week, then drove in the Co. truck from Cabinas to Barquisimeto via Coro.  In Barquisimeto we talked to our erstwhile proxy who prevailed upon us to stay for the month of June, promising a clean record and return passage in exchange.  It is only a promise, of course, but I am planning to leave for Caracas on the 2nd of July.

Please let me know if it is possible or not to see you either in Caracas or in Pariaguan during the first week in July.

If you are sure you have time to answer by letter, my address is Bobare, Estado Lara.  If time is too short, there is a telegraph office here in Bobare.

If you can get to Caracas for a day or so, bueno.  If not, I shall try to dash down to Pariaguan, weather and roads etc. permitting.  If you can come to Caracas, please bring my wrist watch and any other thing you might want to send home.

I shall leave Bobare on July 1, and if you want to get in touch with me after that, wire the Consul in Caracas.

Here’s to the 4th of July.


Tomorrow I shall post a letter to lad from Aunt Betty.  On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I will post a letter from Grandpa to Lad. 

Judy Guion

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