Venezuela Adventure (35) – Peabodys and Duryees – Dear Laddie – Aunt Betty Writes to Lad – June 20, 1939

Letter From Aunt Betty (Duryee) on letterhead from her shop, The Crest Novelty Shop, in Grand Central Station







Dear Laddie,

Now my fountain pen just refuses to write – although I have been so kind to it, bathing it in nice cold water and putting in a new supply of ink in it – it’s little ______ but it still will not write.  I will have to take it to a dealer and find out what is the matter with its insides.  All this is to ask you to forgive the lead pencil which gives better service.

Last week Wednesday, June 14th, Dad called on the telephone and said that as Ted and Helen were in New York City there was room, and said he would drive down and take me up to Trumbull if I would like to go..  Now I don’t have to tell you that I said YES.  Well he and Dave came for me about three o’clock and I was “Johnny on the spot”, right ready with both feet.  It was a beautiful day, just one of those that only come in June, and I did enjoy the ride up and was so glad to see all of those of the family that were home, no need to say that I missed you and Dan.  It was interesting to hear all about you and Dan and all the unpleasant disappointments you both have had to put up with, but when you realize the adventures, the seeing of another part of the world and the lasting experiences, it seems to me quite worthwhile because you both are young and it will all be an experience for good for the rest of your lives.  One cannot pass through anything like that without learning many good lessons.  I was first thrilled with your letters, and laughed and cried over some of them.  Finally thinking of you losing your job, you should take up writing as a profession.  Your descriptions of Animals, Trees, Places and Journeys were such that I felt I was right there and conceived with my mind’s eye just how it all was.  I laughed so at the ride in the truck were you were served coffee?  In such a dirty cup that it stuck to your hands, now you know I could realize that was no laughing matter to you at the time, but the way you described it was very funny.

I am so glad that you have found another job with more reliable people and not such hard work with promise of better pay.  Will be glad to see Dan when he arrives here.

Love to you and here’s all the best wishes for good health, happiness and plenty of success.


Aunt Betty

During the rest of the week I will be posting a letter from Grandpa to Lad, addressed “Dear Oil Baron. 

Judy Guion


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