World War II Army Adventure (89) – Dear A.D. and Harem, Inc. – It Will Be Over Soon – May 14, 1945

14 May 1945

Rec’d 5/23

Dear A.D. & Harem, Inc. –

First – apologies!  I’ve been pretty busy, though – no kiddin’!

Second – morale!  Well, that’s a good subject.  It’s darned good – but there’s room for improvement.  There’s a reason why it isn’t better but it’s a military reason – not to be talked about.  I can truthfully say, though, that my morale is still better than it was in the States – and it was pretty good there.

The mail situation isn’t as good as it might be – but I guess there are more important things for boats and planes to bring over here.

In one of your letters you devoted a paragraph on unapproached prospects in your business.  I guess you know how much I’d like to be back there to help you and Mrs. Rubsamen to keep business coming in with no slip-ups – but if you can speculate on radio reports as well as you have in the past, you can’t help but come out on top.  Don’t worry, Dad, it will all be over soon and I’ll be back to help out.  (Make myself pretty important – don’t I?)

I’m sorry I have to cut this short – but I’ve got to quit now – I’ll try to write again within a couple of days.

Love to all,


Tomorrow I will begin posting a week of letters written in 1945. Monday through Thursday are devoted to a long letter from Dave, which Grandpa re-typed, with the news that Dave is in Okinawa and some personal memories recorded a few years before he passed away. On Friday, a belated Happy Birthday letter to Ced from his sister, Biss (Elizabeth).

Judy Guion

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