Trumbull – Dear Lad (2) – Trumbull Politics – July 2, 1939

      Alfred Duryee Guion (my Grandpa) – First Selectman

Politically, the pot is still boiling. Monday I got sore at Mr. Sexton’s manner over the phone and closed off on him, after which he reported in a letter to the newspapers that I was ”rude”. He then followed this with the demand to call another town meeting, which being in legal form, I had to do (scheduled for this coming Friday) for the purpose of “abolishing the Finance Board of the Town of Trumbull”.

This has at last aroused the right-thinking people to a serious realization of the danger of letting him get away with his ideas, and in consequence, on Friday last, there was a meeting of leading citizens from all sections of the town, Democrat and Republican alike, in a combined attempt to get out an overwhelmingly strong representation and put this fellow and his gang of Bolshoi’s once and for all in their place.

We are calling a meeting of the conservatives again tomorrow night to perfect plans and an organization, and getting out a letter and a real effort is now going to be made to defeat this attempt to break down the town’s machinery.

With Trumbull’s public enemy No. 1 out of the way, we will then have to devote our efforts to organizing some sort of a police force for the town, as in accordance with the last act of the legislature, no constables can receive any fees for arrest in motor vehicle arrests.

The Legislature also passed a bill legalizing bingo if a majority of those in the town wanted. As the Trumbull Fire Company is planning for their Carnival during the latter part of August, something will have to be done here on that score before that date.

By the way, Father Killian has been transferred to another parish in Bridgeport, and St. Teresa’s is now headed by a Father Grady.

Tomorrow and Thursday I will be posting the rest of this letter.  On Friday I will post a letter from Uncle Ted Human to his attorney in Caracas. 

Judy Guion

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    Local politics in the 1940’s. Anything sound familiar?

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