Trumbull – Dear T. S. (2) – A Story About Reyom – August 13, 1939

This is the second half of a letter posted yesterday. Reyom is a former tenant of Grandpa’s. He “rented” the Litte House” and lived there with his wife, Alice, and his daughter. He left owing Grandpa a sum of money. 

Dan just received a letter from Wieberly asking him to meet at McCarter’s office (Interamerica, Inc’s headquarters)  in New York next Wednesday, to present their claims and talk over the situation generally.

I am enclosing with this a letter from Dan (Dear Ralfred, posted recently)  which he asked me to send to you, along with the nudist photograph. Dan and Dick had started to dig up the leaching line that extends out into the North East corner lot where there was still some leaks in spite of the fact that I have had the septic tank cleaned out by Sam Farrar at a cost of $20. From what they have unearthed so far, it would seem that the pipes originally laid by whoever put the original installation in, have simply disintegrated so that there is only a paper wall thickness of pipe left. I came home the other day and also discovered that Dan had started sort of a pool out in the flower bed in back — the bed that runs along the incinerator. Dave says that some traveling salesman called the other day and persuaded Dan to invest in some water plants, lilies, etc., which he has planted. This went over quite big with the birds. There were about 20 of them out there this morning using it as their ol’ swimmin’ hole. I’m glad to note that Collier’s has started to arrive. You should be getting Reader’s Digest and Popular Mechanics pretty soon. I’m also glad to know the first batch of books arrived O.K.

Yesterday, just as I left the office to come home, who should be standing outside the door waiting for a bus but Mr. Page. I chatted with him for a few moments until his bus arrived and learned that he is now working for the Bridgeport Metal Goods Company, since  Mrs. Page has given up the bakery business Marie Page had a bakery in the center of Trumbull).

Ed Cullen became Grandpa’s life-long friend and created artwork for several of the Special Christmas Cards Grandpa sent out over the years. The example is from the 1957 card, “LIFE – Annual Review”.  This is a sketch of Lad and Marian, loading the trailer with all four of us helping, for our annual trip to the Island in New Hampshire. I’m at the far left behind my fther, Doug is in the lower left-hand corner, Greg is behind Marian on the right and Lynn is on top of the mattress. Chet and Jean (Hughes) Hayden, Charlie and Jane (Mantle) Hall, and Pete and Barbara (Plumb) Linsley, with their children, joined us each summer. The license plate reads “TRAILER” , with “CT – 1957” below.

After Thorpe moved out of my office, another artist named Cullen took it. We got talking about Reyom the other day, and Cullen told me that not long ago he and a group of fellows were seated at a table in a café near the General Electric Plant, when who should walk in the door but Reyom. One of the men seated at the table remarked to the others: “See that fellow that just came in? He makes me tired. He’s a Four Flusher. I ought to know because he is my cousin. He was born in Pennsylvania of a Pennsylvania Dutch family. He did live in England for a while where he picked up the accent and has been posing as some connection of a Royal Spanish family. He never saw Spain and can’t speak of word of the language. His name is a fake. His real name is Robert Moyer. If you don’t believe it, spell his name backwards.”  All of which might be true. You remember he named his first child Robert, and when I asked him the reason one day, if it were a family name, he said no, he just liked the name. I have not heard anything of or from him. He left a lot of unpaid bills, as I think I told you, and from what Alice says he might be a little bit cracked.

That seems to be about all the news I can work up today. It has suddenly gotten very dark and the wind has started to blow. It looks like one of those windstorms we have occasionally, which will probably cool off the air whether or not it brings any rain.

(a few minutes later) it did rain and no fooling. In fact it is raining HARD right now. I have just been around and closed the windows in the North and West. It’s probably just a hard shower like you get quite familiar with down there. It’s too hard to last. So is thinking up any more news to put in this letter.

Goodbye, T.S.   (did you guess it? Trouble Shooter, of course.)

Your witty old wag of a


Tomorrow I will post two Inter-Office Memorandum from his boss to Lad, instructing him on what to do with two different jobs in the field. On Thursday and Friday, another letter From Grandpa to his son in Venezuela.

Judy Guion

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