Venezuelan Adventure – Memos from Leander About Trouble Shooter Jobs – August 13, 1939

Here are two Inter-Office Memos from C. T. Leander, Lad’s Direct Boss, with the Socony-Vacuum Oil Company. Both deal with Trouble Shooter Jobs assigned to Lad. This promotion gives Lad the flexibility of moving from Camp to Camp, wherever he is needed and the Camp Mechanics cannot deal with the problem. This was an ideal opportunity to see more of Venezuela and the workings of the Company.

Mr. Starr reports that the battery in the above unit is continually down.  I am therefore sending you a 1939 generator, cut out and also another battery.

Before replacing any of the above parts check the starting motor on this unit and all of the wiring below the chassis.

When the unit was in here last it was found that the starting motor was very dirty with the results that every time it was in use the load was so high that it pulled the battery down.  This may again be the trouble.  In any case all removed parts should be sent back here for repair.

The warehouse not having a generator with the two fan belt pulley it was necessary for me to send you the one pulley type.  All you have to do to use this is install the pulley from the old generator.

Altho the steering knuckle for #40 was ordered by wire for air express shipment it has not arrived as yet.  As soon as it gets in will get it out to you.

C. T. Leander.

I understand from the local Jefe Civil that the motor in the Chevrolet Chingo that is owned by him has serious motor trouble.

He has obtained from somewhere a Chevrolet motor and has asked us to look it over here in the shop.  We gave it a quick once over to make sure that it had six pistons etc.  By the first available transportation to Altimira we are going to send this motor there for him.

He will have it installed by his own man and I wish that you would arrange if possible to see that they install it so that he can get his truck out of the way.

I have just explained to his man here that we are not responsible for the job of installing the motor but that we are asking you to look it over and see that they get it in the right way.

We naturally do not want to offend the Jefe Civil and therefore if you can arrange to see that it goes together correctly please do so.

If necessary leave Camaro with him until you see that the thing is going to be completed OK.

C. T. Leander.

Tomorrow and Friday I will post another letter to Lad from his Father in Trumbull.

Judy  Guion


2 thoughts on “Venezuelan Adventure – Memos from Leander About Trouble Shooter Jobs – August 13, 1939

  1. Judy Guion says:

    GP – Thanks for thinking of me. Right back at you.

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