Trumbull – Dear “Gone But Not Forgotten”(1) – August 27, 1939

This week we will move back to 1939. Dan has been home for a little more than a month and Lad in still in Venezuela working for the Socony- Vacuum Oil Company.

Lad in one of the Camps in Venezuela


August 27, 1939

Dear “Gone but not Forgotten”:

It feels more as though you were as far away as you are today.  No letter either last week or this.  I have the privilege of blaming it on the crisis in Europe, mail delay due to the rainy season, or what is probably the real reason – – that they have kept you on the jump so much that you have not had time to write when you have the opportunity and did not have the opportunity when you have the time, due to being stranded in someplace where paper or ink was not available.  Guess I’ll have to adopt the philosophy of the French peasant during the war, shrugged my shoulders and say c’est la guerre, or whatever it was they did say.  Just the same it does leave a sort of hollow spot that sort of needs filling – – like a fellow going to the well for drink and each time finding the well dry – – the well in my case being P.O. Box 7 at Kurtz’s Store.  I learned last night, anyway, that you are not discriminating against your old Dad because I bumped into Babe(Cecelia Mullins, Lad’s girlfriend) at the carnival and she was bemoaning the fact that she too had not had a letter from South America for two weeks.

Yes, the carnival time is here again.  They got started Wednesday, I think it was, although I did not go down, what with political meetings, cooking and everything.  I understand they had a fairly good crowd, although it is rather hard to judge in comparison with other years because the grounds are so much smaller.  They built a good-sized Bingo booth placing it near the front of the firehouse, where they used to locate the concession booths, Philgas, etc. in years past.  The car booth was about the same location, and also the hot dog stand.  The tea room however was inside the firehouse instead of dancing.  Friday it rained and they did not hold the carnival, in view of which they have decided to continue it over next Friday and Saturday.  Dave went down last night and helped with the parking of cars, Ced also was there for a while, and I went down for a few minutes.  Dan and Dick went down to the movies, this time Wizard of’ Oz in Technicolor, which they thought was pretty good.

The City Savings bank, where Mr. Plumb and George French work, had some addressing to do in connection with the celebration of their 80th anniversary, and as I have been helping them with some of their advertising they asked me to supply to persons to address envelopes.  Donald Whitney and Dick want to earn some extra money so I put them on the job.  They will probably be at it all this week.

I don’t know whether it is my cooking that is to blame but Dan has not been feeling so well today.  He ate very little dinner and lay down both before and after.  I’ve heard nothing this week from New Rochelle so I suppose Grandma (Peabody) is getting along as per schedule.

Tomorrow I will post the rest of this letter. On Wednesday and Thursday, another letter from Grandpa to Lad. On Friday, two more Inter-Office Memos regarding jobs Lad is working on for the Company. 

Judy Guion

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