World War II Army Adventure (115) – Manila Symphony Program – October 11, 1945

DPG - Manila Symphony Prgram - October 11, 1945

Since Dave mailed this to Grandpa on October 11th, I think he may have attended the previous evening

DPG - Manila Symphony Program (2) - October 11,1945

DPG - Manila Symphony Program (3) - October 11, 1945

I wonder who autographed Dave’s Program

DPG - Manila Symphony Program (4) - October 11, 1945

Notice the Honorary Members of the Manila Symphony Society



Tomorrow I will post a letter from Dave to his Father, probably from the American Red Cross Building in Manila.

Judy Guion


5 thoughts on “World War II Army Adventure (115) – Manila Symphony Program – October 11, 1945

  1. Nemorino says:

    Just a guess, but to me it looks like Herbert Zipper, the conductor. I’ve just looked him up, and found out that he was an Austrian Jew, born 1904 in Vienna, imprisoned by the Germans in the 1930s (Dachau and Buchenwald), released 1938, hired as conductor of the Manila Symphony in 1939, imprisoned by the Japanese for several months. Apparently the orchestra in 1945 was not quite as big as it looks on the program, because he also listed some musicians who had been killed during the war, including the concertmaster Ernesto Vallejo.
    Theoretically I could have met Herbert Zipper, because in the 1950s he was the director of the Winnetka School of Music (now the Music Institute of Chicago), which is close to where I grew up. In those years he returned to Manila every summer to conduct a series of concerts.
    In 1995 a documentary film was made about his life, “Never Give Up: The 20th Century Odyssey of Herbert Zipper”, nominated for an Oscar in 1996.

    • Judy Guion says:

      Nemorino – Fascinating. And to think Dave might have spoken to him. Thank you so much for your effort to clear up this mystery. I took another look at the autograph and that name certainly could be Herbert Zipper. WOW !!!!

  2. Nemorino says:

    Interesting to see that the Manila Symphony Orchestra was able to put on a full-scale symphony concert in 1945, including several musicians from the U.S.A.

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