Venezuelan Adventure – Memo to the Camp at Pariaguan – October 10, 1939

Socony-Vacuum Camp

Pariguan, Estado Anzoategui

October 10th, 1939

To: All Members of the Club Committee –

Mr. J. Allen, Chairman

Mr. A. Guion

Mr. J. Wardlow

Mr. de la torre

Dear Fellow Club Members –

The Executive Committee is pleased to announce your appointment as members of the “Club House Committee” with tenure of office from the present until January 1st, 1940.

The function of the “Club House Committee” is to see that the Club House and equipment there in is properly attended to at all times.  This does not include actual financial operations of the bar.

Will you kindly hold a meeting at an early date and cooperate with Mr. Starr in the construction of the bar and put up as soon as possible an adequate bulletin board.

Police powers of the Club House are also passed on to your Committee.

The Executive Committee shall be glad to cooperate with you at all times.

Yours very truly


Henry F.  Schweer

N. P. Dutton

R. RE. Jones

R. N. Ross


Tomorrow and Sunday I will be posting letters from Dave’s World War II Army Adventure. 

Judy Guion


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