Trumbull – Dear Laddybuck (1) – October 14, 1939

The Old Homestead remains the center of activity with all the children living there, except Lad. Biss and her husband, Zeke, are renting the apartment in the Main House and Arnold and Alta Gibson will be renting the cottage, at least for a while.  Various friends and family feel free to just “drop in” when convenient and Grandpa takes it all in stride.


               Alfred Peabody Guion

October 14, 1939

Dear Laddybuck:

How many dry-cleaning establishments do they have in Pariaguan and do you know all of the young ladies in charge in each of them? You seem to be making a collection of dry-cleaning girl clerks. I took a suit in one day to a place on John Street between the Plaza and Main Street and the girl asked about you, and today I called for a suit I had left at a new Good-work place that has just opened in the building across the street from my office, formerly occupied by the Sherwin-Williams Company, and there too, the girl asked me if I lived in Trumbull and was I your father. She said she had written to you some time ago and has not heard from you and would quit being your friend if you didn’t reply soon. Her name is Mildred Goldstein. Oiu. Oiu.

Right next door to this place is a tobacco shop who sold the two packages (50 each) of ivory-tipped Marlboro cigarettes which I yesterday delivered to Mr. Mullins with the request that he deliver them to Cecilia (Cecelia Mullins, Lad’s girlfriend back in Trumbull) today. I also called up Mr. Lockley who promised to send today a nice bunch of chrysanthemums. I sent him two dollars with your note, so I am reporting that I have faithfully fulfilled my duties as your agent. In fact I feel just like Cupid, using cigarettes and bouquets instead of arrows.

Dick is quite thrilled today because, at a football game yesterday, Bassick beat Harding : 6 to 0. Dave is visiting the World’s Fair with his class from Whittier. Ced is asleep, having worked from 12 midnight to 12 noon today. (This, by the way, is Saturday P.M. My cousins from Norwalk just phoned they are coming up to see us tomorrow afternoon, which is my regular Laddie writing time, so I am getting in a few licks beforehand). Dan says there was a fellow working over on the Merritt Parkway gang who says he was a classmate of yours by the name of Pete DiNardo. He wants to be remembered to you.

You will probably have assumed from the above that I received a letter from you this week. I did. It arrived in record time too. It was dated October 4 and reached me on the 10th. My clipping bureau has the following collection of items for you. (1) Death of Fred Root. I have not learned the cause but assume it had something to do with the loss of his arm. (2) (don’t laugh at this one) announcement of winner of the crocheting contest in a shape of an old friend of yours, (3) picture of your Dad getting the evening meal, (4) account of last night’s town meeting.

Tomorrow I will post the rest of this letter … which was written several days later.

Judy Guion

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