Trumbull – Dear Uncle Alfred (2) – News About Family and Friends – October 22, 1939

This is the second half of a letter I began yesterday which included the birth of Grandpa’s first Grandchild.

ADG - Dick atThe Chandler's - Group on steps (cropped) - 1939

Richard Peabody Guion

Dick is down in the dumps today because yesterday Bassick (High School in Bridgeport) lost (20 to 0) to Central (High School, also in Bridgeport). The Robinson’s have a young horse that they use for farm work that has been trained also to the saddle and Dick has been going up there after school several days a week and, with Aunt Elsie’s saddle, has been riding him around. He now thinks he would like to go down to Texas and be a cowboy.

So, you sort of got swindled on the watch, hey? You wrote in a previous letter that Boccardo went with you when you bought the watch so that you felt you not only got good merchandise but good prices also. Maybe it was just one of those things that no one could foresee. The main spring could not have been broken when they sold you the watch or it would not have gone an hour even. They will probably make it right under the circumstances. With good cameras selling around here for five and $10, it seems to me you must have a super excellent camera at the price you mentioned, which as I recall was $100. Maybe you meant 100 Bolivars.

Arnold "Gibby" Gibson

Arnold Gibson, Gibby, Lad’s best friend in Trumbull

Arnold came in yesterday afternoon, after having spent about eight weeks, mostly on his Aunt’s farm. Some of this time he spent trying to figure out the boundaries of the 6 acres that his grandmother left him. He went out with Alta. He asked if he could occupy the cottage until such time as I was able to rent it. He suggested five dollars a month but I pointed out I was paying for the electricity in view of which fact he said $7.50 would seem fair. His other alternative was to get a trailer that was for sale and live in that in Pratt’s backyard.

Just as I was getting dinner today Malcolm Baker, his wife and mother stopped in to see us. They were on their way to the cottage at Madison but it had started to rain so they decided to turn back. By the time they arrived here, however, it had stopped raining.


Grandpa, Aunt Elsie and Aunt Betty

Aunt Betty (Grandpa’s Aunt Lizzie Duryee) is spending the week with her friends in Newburgh. I sent postals yesterday to Aunt Betty, Aunt Elsie (Elsie May Guion, Grandpa’s sister) and the New Rochelle folks The Peabody clan, Mother and some siblings of his late wife, Grandma Arla Mary (Peabody) Guion). I have not heard from any of them yet.

I am just about at the end of my news tether. Ask me a few questions about things you would like to know and I’ll try to answer them a little more thoroughly than you have answered my various queries over the last several months. (The trouble with making statements like this last is that before you get it, you may already have made up for lost time and then one’s guilty conscience points its finger at you).

The Merritt Parkway is now practically finished as far as Nichols and for the last two Saturdays those traveling to and from the Yale football games have used one side. Now both sides have been completed although the planting in the center has not yet been started. There is also a bridge to be built over the Parkway at the continuation of N. Park Ave., and if the weather keeps up for a few months more, I assume the highway will be opened to traffic both ways, although not really finished. Then next year they expect to have the new bridge they are building over the Housatonic completed and the traffic which is now being dumped in Nichols will become the problem of Devon or whatever town the other end of the bridge enters.

And that exhausts the last bit of news that I can cudgel up, so my hearty, good night and take good care of my oldest son until we meet again.


I’ll continue with one more letter from Grandpa to Lad, about friends and family, tomorrow. 

Judy Guion

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