Special Picture # 344 – Christmas in Florida – 1934



Grandma Arla (Peabody) Guion passed away in June of 1933. Elizabeth (Biss) was fourteen years old. She was having a hard enough time without her Mother but I believe the adults expected her to take on a much bigger role around the house. Biss resented this and wanted nothing to do with it. Grandpa and the Peabody Aunts (Helen, Anne and Dorothy, Arla’s sisters) decided that Biss needed a change . Since Anne (Peabody) Stanley) was going to Florida with her children, it was decided that Biss would go with them. She was expected to help with the children and chores in the house, as well as continue her schooling. The letters exchanged between Biss and her Father can be found in the Category “St. Petersburg Adventure”. 

Christmas was approaching and Biss didn’t expect much. She knew Grandpa was covering school fees, books, clothing etc. for her. Her fifteenth birthday was also coming up on January 6th. Grandpa decided to really surprise her and take the entire family to St. Petersburg for the holiday. I believe the following picture was taken during that tripADG - Trip to St. Petersburg, FL with children - Christmas, 1934.

Back row: Ced, Dan, Lad, a school friend of Biss, Grandpa,

Front row: Don Stanley, Gwen Stanley, Biss with their dog, Dave


Tomorrow, another Special Picture.

Judy Guion


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