Special Picture # 346 – Early Pictures of Alfred Duryee Guion (Grandpa) 1886 – 1905

Early pictures of Grtandpa, who’s life changed drastically when his Father, Alfred Beck Guion, passed away at the age of 45. The Lincoln Avenue house had to be sold and the family moved to Dell Avenue. Three of Ella’s sisters moved in with them to help with the finances. Grandpa went to work to help support the family.

ADG - Alfred Duryee Guion at about 1 yr old in 1885

Alfred Duryee Guion circa 1886 (Grandpa was born in September, 1884)

ADG - Alfred Duryee Guion and Elsie May Guion about 1995

Alfred Duryee and his sister, Elsie May Guion at the Lincoln Avenue House (prior to 1899 when their Father passed away)

Back row: Alfred Duryee Guion, his Aunt ______ and Aunt Lizzie (also known as Aunt Betty) in the Dell Avenue house, front row: Ella (Duryee) Guion, Elsie May Guion

Tomorrow, another Special Picture.

Judy Guion


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