Special Picture # 347 – Early Pictures of Arla Mary Peabody (Grandma Arla)

These are the earliest pictures I have of my Grandmother, Arla Mary (Peabody) Guion.


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Anne Westlin Peabody, Arla Mary Peabody, Helen Perry Peabody, Dorothy Westlin Peabody

Arla Mary Peabody c. 1911

Arla Mary Peabody c. 1911 probably about 17 or 18.


Arla Peabody as the Virgun Mary

Arla Peabody dressed as The Virgin Mary for the Church Pageant where Grandpa really SAW her for the first time and fell in love.


SOL-Arla Mary Peabody - wedding picture

Arla Mary Peabody, probably taken for her wedding announcement in the paper in 1913.

Tomorrow, I will begin posting letters written in the fall of 1945. Lad has come home from France, Dan has married a French girl in Calais, France, Ced is still in Anchorage, Alaska, Jean has travelled to Santaliza, Brazil, to be with her husband, Dick and Dave is in Okinawa (for now).

Judy Guion


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