Special Picture # 348 – Grandpa And Most Of His Grandchildren – September, 1964

ADG - 1964 Christmas Card - pg. 12 - Grandpa and grandchildren

This picture was taken on Labor Day weekend in 1964. It is a copy of a page from the last Christmas card created by Grandpa, “Chancellor” of  Guion University, Trumbull Connecticut, “Devoted to the development of family unity”. Grandpa passed away on September 13th, 1964, two days after his 80th birthday and not long after this photo was taken. To be completely accurate, another grandchild was born after he passed away, so he and Grandma Arla actually had 21 grandchildren.

For many years, Grandpa created a variety of Christmas Cards, printing and sending them to over 200 friends and family. The theme for this one was inspired by the college graduation of one of his grandchildren in June of that year, the high school graduation of  three of his grandchildren (including me) and one grandchild’s college graduation in June of 1963. You can view the entire card, as well as the other Christmas Cards, in the Category “Christmas Cards”, listed in Categories on my Blog.

I am standing in the back row, all the way to the right, peeking between two cousins.

Tomorrow, another Special Picture.

Judy Guion

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