Peabodys And Duryees (2) – A Letter To Lad From Aunt Helen (Peabody) Human – November 2, 1939

This is the rest of a letter to Lad from his Aunt Helen (Peabody) Human, the wife of Uncle Ted Human, who originally hired Lad for work in Venezuela.


                 Aunt Helen Human, Aunt Anne Stanley, Aunt Dorothy Peabody

Uncle Ted saw Dan and ADG (Grandpa, Alfred Duryee Guion)  for a few minutes in New York the other day. Dan had received a letter from Mr. McCarter asking him to go to New York for a check. As I understand, it was a good one. We are still waiting for ours – it has been very hectic waiting for money and waiting for a person to get well – that the getting well part is going along beautifully – since the middle of September there has been a marked improvement in Ted’s condition – in fact, he is well enough now to be really quite active again – of course the diet still has to be monitored with an occasional little break to relieve the monotony. I do wish we could get our finances straightened out – it has been so many months since there has been any salary. But, I suppose that all of a sudden everything will break beautifully. There has been lots of correspondence between T.H. Jr. (Uncle Theodore Human, Jr.) and South America – the American Consul, etc., but so far nothing has developed in our favor.

Oh, Laddie – your paragraph on the picture amused me so much because the picture wasn’t in the letter, and I think when you said “I think it is a very good study in modern art for one who does not know what he is looking at…” Was very apropos. I presume it was a picture of the orange tree, known as T.O.T.

I have been going to Dr. Clark recently – in fact I must dress in a very few minutes because I have an appointment to one o’clock. He asked me the other day if you are still down there. Are your teeth still in good condition? I certainly hope they are.

Did you know that Aunt Anne, (Aunt Helen’s next youngersister, Anne Peabody) Stanley and her children)  Gweneth and Donald have moved to Staunton, Virginia? Their address is: Woodrow Terrace – apartment 6. They would be delighted to hear from you.

I hope you will write again before too awfully long – I like to hear from you – or rather we like to hear from you and I do want to know if everything is really going along nicely and if you are constantly pleased with your new work. Of course there are apt to be drawbacks, but taking everything into consideration, I gather from what you said, that you were really glad to be there.

In time, if you just keep pushing yourself ahead in a quiet, but very determined way, who knows what good and excellent jobs will be in store for you. This is just a little piece of advice from someone who sits on the outside looking in and always listening hard – you don’t need to be rough and hard-boiled to get along, but you do need to be aggressive and determined and demanding in a gentlemanly way in order to reach for better and higher things. You are still young and I should judge doing very well – but never be satisfied until you build a way for even better positions. I take a lot of interest in you and your activities because I want so much to see do well in every way and I have a very, very warm spot in my heart for you. We all do (T.H. likes you so much too) and it will mean a great deal to see you continue with your good work.

Loads of love to you, Laddie, and all kinds of good luck for now and always.

Aunt Helen

Grandmother and Aunt Dorothy send you lots of love too.

Tomorrow, a letter and a copy of the investment contract Grandpa bought in Lad’s name. On Thursday and Friday, a letter from Grandpa to Lad.

Judy Guion

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