The End of an Era (12) – Trumbull House Then and Now – 1930 – 2020

This is the side view of the original portion of the house, built in 1756.

Trumbull House - Blizzard of 1940 - Whirling Dirvish

This is the earliest picture I can find of the Summer Porch side of the house. This was probably taken some time in the late 1930’s. This shows the porch railing and the flower pots.

Mack - Reserved seat - dec. 24, 1939

This is a close-up of the steps leading up to the Summer Porch and the flower pots, with Mack posing. This was taken in December, 1939.

APG - Marian on side porch in June, 1945.

This picture was probably taken in the summer of 1945, just before Lad came home from France instead of going to Okinawa with the rest of his Battalion. This is a close-up of the flower pots on the Summer Porch.

APG - Bob Mark with Smoky, Nov., 1945

I believe this was taken in 1945 or 1946. Bob Marks, the fellow soldier Lad met in France when Lad “missed the boat” to Okinawa while he attended Dan’s wedding to Paulette in Calais, France. Bob came to visit Lad and Marian after they were both out of the Army.

Trumbull House - the driveway and the back of the house

This is a similar view of the house probably taken in the 1970’s or 1980’s (perhaps even later).

Guion kids as adults - posed as 1928 photo - 1992

This was taken at our Family Reunion in 1992. All six children are sitting on the porch. The flower pots and stone railing have been gone for a while.

Trumbull House - June 2020 - Back view

This is a picture I took in June, 2020.

Tomorrow, I will begin posting letters written in the fall of 1945. Lad is in Trumbull on furlough, Dick and Jean are making plans to travel home from Santaliza, Brazil, Dan remains in France with his expectant bride, Ced is still in Anchorage and Dave thinks he will be shipping out in a few months for parts unknown.

Judy Guion


2 thoughts on “The End of an Era (12) – Trumbull House Then and Now – 1930 – 2020

  1. Arla says:

    Nice post and pictures. The one you took in 2020 is really nice!

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