Trumbull – Dear Members of the Clan Guion (2) – Random Thoughts on our Future Camp (1) – October 7, 1945

These pages represent Grandpa’s random thoughts on the future camp in New Hampshire. As usual, he was very thorough but also asked for comments and suggestions from each of his children. Since I have posted so many pictures of the Island, I thought you might like to see the original thoughts.

Spring Island - from States Landing @ 1960s

ADG - Random Thoughts on our Future Camp (1) - October 7, 1945

October 7, 1945

Random thoughts on our Future Camp

I have just purchased from Anne Heurlin the Lake Winnipesaukee Island which has so many pleasant memories for all of us — a Christmas present jointly and equally to each of my six children — legally, that is, but from a practical standpoint to be shared, of course, with their wives and children, now and to be.  (I may add by way of parenthesis that such a situation in some families might in future develop into a cause for friction between brothers and sisters and their families, but somehow I feel that in our case I will not be sowing a seed of possible future discord, but that the family spirit of unity and tolerance towards one another which, with your mother’s spirit still present, has been with us all so far, will still guide us and prevent future misunderstandings from arising.  That at least is my fervent wish.)

There are many interesting and happy problems that arise from this acquisition.  I will jot down a few which immediately occur to me and will welcome others which may occur to you.

1 – Name.  I neither know nor care what name, if any, the island bears on official state maps.  As owners we have the privilege of calling it what we will.  What is your suggestion for a suitable name?  Give reasons for your choice.

2 – Living accommodations.  Do each of you want to build a cabin of your own or would it be better to pool our resources, erect jointly a “camp” which would be suitable for comfortable living both for summer and winter sports?  If the former, we will have to go more into detail as to parceling out lots to each of you.  If the latter, some interesting questions present themselves:

a – Choice of location of the building.

COMMENT: Lad, who visited the island this fall with Marian, says the trees have grown surprisingly. There will undoubtedly have to be some clearing out of brush.  I can see Dick and Dan just naturally taking charge of this phase of the work, with Dan perhaps doing some surveying, preparatory to choice of site.

b – Type of building.

COMMENT: Let’s have suggestions from each of you as to what your ideas are along this line if you alone had the decision to make.  And then with a variety of ideas to work from, we can settle on something that seems to meet the composite idea.  “Six heads are better than one”.

c – Boathouse, dock, swimming safeguards (with small children in mind)

COMMENT: Joint ownership would seem to be desirable under the circumstances, of canoe, rowboat (outboard motor?),  Sailboat, motorboat and (for Ced) sea plane — any or all.  Ideas on this please.

d – Water supply.

COMMENTS: Dug well or drilled well.  Would it be possible to get permission to pipe water from spring on mainland and if so, would this be desirable?  How about water supply in winter?  Hand pump or electric pump.  If we expect to have shower, toilet and kitchen sink or possibly washing machine, a pump would save many hours of manual labor.

Tomorrow and Friday, more Random Thoughts on our Future Camp.

Judy Guion

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