Trumbull – Dear Members of the Guion Clan (4) – Random Thoughts on our Future Camp (3) – October 7, 1945

Fall and very low water at the Island

3 – Finances. How is all this (outside of cost of island itself, which I have taken care of) to be financed. If we get a government housing loan or bank loan or building and loan arrangement for building and equipment, how are payments to be met? Should each one contribute a stated amount monthly? What is the limit of total cost which should be set and how many years should payments be spread over? Taxes, which are now about $3 a year on $100 assessment, would naturally increase. There will also be insurance and running expenses for food, fuel and mechanical upkeep. When should work be started?

4 – Future Considerations. What arrangement for future sale of property should be made, if that ever becomes necessary or desirable? A jointly owned property invariably brings problems of one sort or another, if one or more of the joint owners desires to liquidate. Some arrangement agreed to by all in advance to cover such a contingency should be thoroughly understood and agreed upon in advance. What is your idea on this?

5 – Gifts.     It is quite likely that from time to time someone or other will bring up and leave in the cottage one thing or another for all to use.  Should it not be a rule that all such things shall cease immediately to be the property of any one individual or family and become common property, and so understood by everyone in advance.. In other words, should this not be a sort of Guion community project, the idea being that no one should feel any larger claim than any other because of any greater contribution he may have made in the way of goods or services for the common weal, than some other. As a community effort all things on the island ceased to be individually owned but become property to be shared equally by all.

6 – Obligations – I have told Anna Heurlin that under the circumstances she will always be welcome to use the property, and to a certain extent, the same moral obligation goes to the other members of the Heurlin family — Rusty or his two other sisters.

7 – Policy towards friends of each of you outside the family who may from time to time desire to use the cottage.  Should we accept offers to rent the cottage to outsiders and if so, under what circumstances.

Perhaps the above quick outline of some of the questions which occur to me may suggest others to you which are to be jointly considered.  (Maybe you will wonder at this point whether I have really made you a gift or saddled you with a liability.)  Anyway, let’s have a meeting of minds where each one freely expresses his likes or dislikes IN WRITING (in writing so that each of the absent ones can have the opinions of all others), letting me, if you will, be sort of a hopper to receive them all and work out, if possible, some tangible ideas to give us a starting point.


Grandpa never ceases to amaze me. He says: “I will jot down a few which immediately occur to me…” This is the result, in one evening! 

Tomorrow and Sunday, I will b e posting pictures of the Island “Then and Now”.

Judy Guion

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