The Island – Then and Now (2) – 1945 – 2021

Spring Island - Cook Cabin @ 1956

The tarp set up next to the Cook Cabin where the children ate their meal.

Spring Island - Lad with Pete Linsley at the Fire Pit

             Lad Guion and Pete Linsley at the firepit, the “new” Sleeping Cabin in the background in the late 1950’s

Spring Island - Water fun - Johnny Hayden, Roy Lenhard and  David Lenhard

Some of the boys using an original innertube and the board pulled behind the boat

Spring Island - Transportation @ 1960s - Utility Barge, rowboat (Lad)

The hand-made “Barge” built in Pete Linsley’s basement, and the rowboat converted into a sailboat

Spring Island - The kids (I'm the talest one in the back)

All the children after a Talent Show (I’m in the back row, third from the left, about 1958

Spring Island - Greg Guion, Nancy Hayden, Susie Linsley, Judy Guion @ 1960s - (Lad)

The older girls heading into town (I’m on the far right)

Spring Island - Path from Toothpaste Landing to Cook Cabin - 9.2020

The screened Porch added to the Cook Cabin where the Tarp was originally used

Spring Island - Sleeping cabin from roof of Cook Cabin - (Judy - 2013)

The Sleeping Cabin (I took this picture from the roof of the Cook Cabin on a Painting Party Weekend – my cousins and I painted both buildings

Spring Island - Old dock - possibly 40 years old (Judy - 2007)

The 40-year old dock (which replaced the original of the same design)

Spring Island - installation of new dock - (Judy - 2007)

The new dock being installed

After reading so much about the proposals for our Future Camp, I hope you enjoyed seeing the changes over the years. At this time I am on the Island, enjoying my last weekend for 2021. Very much looking forward to spending two full weeks there next year – which will include another Guion Family Reunion at another location on the lake.

Tomorrow, I will return to  letters written in 1939 when Lad was working for the Socony-Vacuum Oil Company (which became part of the Mobil Empire) and Trumbull is celebrating Thanksgiving.

Judy Guion


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