The End of an Era (13) – Then and Now – The Side Yard – 1922 – 2021

Trumbull House - Grandpa and kids - 1928 (2) Little Driveway view - 1928

This is a very early view of the Trumbull House from this angle.  It may have been taken shortly after the Guions moved to Trumbull in 1922. Notice the screened porch, which was converted to year-round use about 1950. The window to the right of the porch was converted to a door at the same time. The small portion of the house all the way to the right was also converted into an apartment for Grandpa, and a door was added below the window on the second floor to give him direct access to the outside.. On the left, you can see that the Summer Porch extended all the way across the front of the house and had a roof.


Trumbull House in winter - (cropped) - 1940 

This is a winter shot of the house from the same angle and was taken in the late 1930’s.


Trumbull House - Dave, Jean and Dick in deep snow, Feb., 1940

The previous picture is cropped from this original picture. Dick, Jean and Dave are playing in the snow on the front hill after a large snowfall. You can see Mack next to the stone pillar on the right. By the way, the pillars were added by Grandpa as well as the other stone work, lining the driveway, in particular. The stonework was done by Axel Larsen, who took care of the outside work while his wife, Astrid, helped Grandma Arla in the house. They had a daughter, Florence, and they lived in the Little House.

ADG - Grandpa with Smokey in yard - near Thanksgiving, 1945

This picture of Grandpa and Mack was probably taken in the 1930’s or 1940’s, again, before the major changes.


Blog - Trumbull House - 1960's (2) - cropped

This picture was probably taken in the 1960’s, after the changes made in about 1950.

APG - Lad Guion in Choir Robe

This is a picture of Lad, Alfred Peabody Guion, taken in the early 1960’s, in his Choir Robe. You can clearly see the door to Grandpa’s apartment.


Trumbull House - June, 2020 - side view

This picture is one that I took in June, 2020 and the house does not look any different than it did before the sale.

Tomorrow, pictures of the back view of the Trumbull House.

Judy Guion

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