The End of an Era (15) – Then and Now – Livingroom – 1922 – 2021

I have been posting many pictures of the outside of the Trumbull House. I am now going to start posting pictures of the inside. 

ADG - Grandpa with Smokey in yard - near Thanksgiving, 1945

The window to Grandpa’s left, covered with wines, was converted to a door about 1950. 

Trumbull House - 2018 - Lilac Bush near Grandpa's Apartment Door

This is a similar view of the house in 2018. If you entered the house through this door, you would enter the livingroom.

ADG - Trumbull House Thanksgiving - 1945 (2)

This is another view of the window at Thanksgiving, 1945. L to R – Aunt Betty Duryee, (Grandpa’s Aunt), Lad, Marian (Irwin Guion), Grandpa, and Jean (Mortensen) Guion, Mrs. Dick.

ADG - Trumbull House Thanksgiving, 1945 (1)

This picture appears to have been taken after dinner. Zeke (married to Elizabeth) has his back to us, over his right shoulder is Ced, who made it home for Thanksgiving that year, Grandpa, Aunt Elsie Guion, Grandpa’s sister, and Lad.

Trumbull House - Living Room Door - Christmas, 1947

This is a view of the window, before the conversion, probably taken at Thanksgiving, 1947. Marian is probably feeding my twin brother and me before the main meal. We would have been 17 months old at the time.

This is a picture of the door taken by me in 2018.

Tomorrow, I will post more pictures of the Livingroom, Then and Now.

Judy Guion



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