Peabodys and Duryees – Holiday Greetings From Grandmother Peabody – December 4, 1939

Grandma Peabody

Grandmother Peabody (Anna Charlotta (Westlin) Peabody, Mrs. Kemper Peabody). This picture was taken in 1914 shortly after my Dad, Alfred Peabody Guion, was born.

New Rochelle, N.Y.

December 4, 1939

Dear Laddie,

I have waited a very long time in writing and thanking you for your dear and welcome letter. It’s so long ago maybe you have even forgotten you wrote to me!

Your letter was one of the most interesting I have ever had, and all the family enjoyed it so much. You know I have been very sick, having had two major operations. The second operation was to complete the first. The only out-of-doors I have had since July 16th are four rides in the ambulance between the hospital and our apartment. But I think that in another two or three weeks I may be able to take a real auto ride.

Well, how do you feel about being an uncle? I haven’t heard from Elizabeth since I wrote congratulations to them. I hope she and the Raymonds are all fine.

You mention Biss’s marriage. Laddie, she could have done an awful lot worse. As I saw him, he seemed like a really nice fellow, and they certainly seemed very happy. They seemed really congenial, and all we Peabodys like him very much.

Ted and Helen (Peabody) Human) have been staying with us (Dorothy and myself) for some time. Of course you know, Anne (Peabody) Stanley and her children), Gweneth and Donald went to Staunton, Virginia, to make their home for a while. We are hoping they will spend Christmas with us.

Sometime ago I received a letter from Cedric saying they wanted to make us a visit one Sunday. Then he called up and said he had to work that Sunday. We were disappointed not to see them.

My letter is pretty tame compared with yours but there is really so little to write about. Everything is tame here.

I hope this letter will reach you by Christmas and that your Christmas may be very happy. I know we shall be thinking about you. I don’t dare to say I would like to hear from you again.

My love and best wishes,

Grandmother Peabody

Tomorrow, a letter from a classmate of Lad’s, wondering about job opportunities in Venezuela. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, a letter from Aunt Betty (Duryee) with a copy of “The History of the Duryee Family” enclosed.

Judy Guion

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