Peabodys and Duryees – History of the Duryee Family – A Note From Aunt Betty Duryee – December 6, 1939

This is a re-post of last week’s letter to Lad from Aunt Betty which included  The History of our Family. I thought I might remind you of the sequence of events leading up to Aunt Betty sending this information to Lad.

Dec. 6, 1939

Dear Alfred,

It occurred to me while I was writing the letter I sent to you on Monday that perhaps you would like a copy of the History of the Duryee Family.

I hunted up my papers and had a copy typewritten.

You will see it was as I said that David (I don’t know who this is but my guess is that he was someone Lad met in Venezuela named David Duryee. Lad may have written to Aunt Betty to see if she know whether they were related.) may be descended from the ancestor mentioned in the paper and I think he also will be interested.  The crest is really not complete, it should have underneath a scroll with the motto (Future Promise) but in French, not English.  But I do not have the complete copy here.

Both on your Grandfather Duryee’s and Guion’s side you have a fine lineage.

Lots of love to you and my best regards to David.

Aunt Betty

The beginning of this history has two pages of illustrious ancestors from France, Holland and Scotland. I am not going to post this information but tomorrow and Friday, I will post  Our branch of the Family Tree, prepared By Aunt Betty Duryee, beginning with our original ancestor,  Joost Durie (Duryer, Duryea or Duryee). He was a French Huguenot who emigrated from Manheim and settled in New Utrecht, Long Island and then moved to Bushwick Long Island.

Judy Guion

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