Friends – Dear Alfred – A Note From the Knopps – January 4, 1940

               Lad  at Knopp’s Camp in Venezuela

My guess is that the Knopp’s are now in the States after their life in Venezuela.


Jan. 4, 1940

Dear Alfred –

Well here is the Knopps – answering your letter. You know Al – would of written before but did not have your address – there isn’t much new to write only – Lenze has the station now, he took everything on himself – Sam – sold the ______ out to the Gulf – so there isn’t the middleman now and Lenze has a larger spread – he deals with the Gulf – and he is so happy over the whole thing. We heard they are going to build a modern station in the spring – I hope so – that will improve his business, don’t you think so?

Well Al – your letter was so interesting – Lenze told me to always keep it – it sure gave us an idea of Venezuela – and to think – you are one of the pioneers – oh Al – that must be a thrill. I only hope you stick it out and get into something good, and big – as there isn’t anything here that pays anything worthwhile – I know it must be lonesome – but after the first year – you will have a lot of new friends, and you will like it, we know as we have gone through it. When we first went to Miami, I used to cry every night – and hated it there – but after a year passed by – you know there isn’t a place I like so well – and wish every day we were back there. We learned to love it oh so much, Al. So here’s hoping you will write another interesting letter like the other one. We all send our love and best of luck.

The Knopps

P.S. Forgot to tell you Alfred – Gene has his own store – he was made manager 13 October 13th , it’s one of the Woolworth’s stores in Bornton, N.J. – that is about 100 miles from here – I had my tonsils out the same week and George took over the station the next week. Whoopie – everything happens at once – old boy – I wish that the coming year brings everything grand and good – lots and lots of prosperity – and good health – and happiness – with “God’s” willing – throughout the coming year of 1940. This is our wish for you – away down there in a foreign country.

Tomorrow, and Friday, two more letters to Lad in Venezuela, one from Aunt Betty Duryee and another from his best friend, Arnold Gibson (Gibby).

Judy Guion

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