Army Life – Hi There, Family – Marian Writes From Aberdeen, Maryland – November 15, 1945

Lad and Marian Guion, 1943

                   Lad and Marian Guion



Hi There ! Family —-

Back to the Army routine again — seems quite familiar, and no matter where we move the routine seems exactly the same.

We have a very nice room with private bath and separate entrance in an apartment building, more or less. By that I mean that there are about four apartments (ours is the only single room) all attached to the main house. Sounds peculiar but it isn’t. Dick, have you been doing any house building down this way on the Q.T.? We have a hallway and the bathroom that has that unmistakable R.P.G. touch. It goes like this:

My drawing doesn’t really do it justice. It’s much more of a booby-trap than it looks. I think the hallway is 2 ½ feet wide – it can’t be much more.

But we like it – however if we are going to be there much longer we are going to try to find an apartment, ‘cause eating all our meals out is much too expensive.

Lad is being transferred into a new company today so we’ll know a little more about our plans in a day or two. We heard that he would remain in this new holding company until the 50-point deal gets straightened out. Then he would get his discharge. But we will believe it only when we see it.

The Army picked yesterday (November 14th, their 2-year Anniversary) to give him an influenza shot, so he didn’t feel much like doing any celebrating. We went to a USO dance but came home early. But at least we were together, for as it worked out, he couldn’t have gotten a pass to come home –

I’ll write again when we know a little bit more — Love to all

Marian and Lad

Tomorrow and Sunday, more Special Pictures.

Judy Guion


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