Trumbull – Christmas Greetings (2) – December 25, 1939

This post contains the rest of the holiday greetings written by family members and guests around the Christmas Dinner table in Trumbull in 1939, and a Christmas Card from Arnold and Alta Gibson sent to Lad, in Venezuela.

Alfred Duryee Guion carving the holiday turkey

                                                Alfred Duryee Guion carving the holiday turkey


Ced - 1938

Cedric Duryee Guion

Trumbull - Christmas Greetings to Lad (2) - Ced - December 25, 1939Dear Alfred:

Hope you had a Merry Christmas – we did. I received a pair of ice skates, and unbreakable thermos bottle to use for taking milk etc. to work, the book “union now” which is a theory written on the principles of uniting the democracies of the world in which I am much interested in, a photograph album, and other incidentals. I understand that you are largely responsible for the nice gifts received by all. Many thanks to you and incidentally, I am using the heater you gave us for the new Plymouth and it works very well. I wish I could say the same for the Plymouth. It has been a sort of disappointment as I spent a great deal of money on it and it still has internal troubles. Your Packard is gradually aging but still runs beautifully. I will write soon and let you know more about the cars and my doings, and don’t ask me why I haven’t written you as I really have no excuse and am much ashamed of the fact, especially as I promised in the last letter I would. Well, keep your fingers crossed and perhaps, who knows?



Elsie May Guion, summer, 1946

Elsie May Guion (Grandpa’s sister)

Trumbull - Christmas Greetings to Lad (2) - Aunt Elsie Guion - December 25, 1939

December 25, 1939

3:15 PM

Dear Lad:

I was elected to start this. I suppose because I am the most diligent in my correspondence. We are still at the dinner table after a most delicious Dad-cooked meal. He is getting very expert.

I can’t tell you – maybe you don’t want to hear it – what a peach you are always, but in particular are thinking of us and me to the extent you did when providing for such a sumptuous Christmas. For me some of the check was turned into a beautiful electric clock – alarm, radium hands, Telechron, n’ everything. Also a “ducky” box of dusting powder. Now I really will have time to write you a real letter real soon.

So long –



ADG - Jean Guion, Aunt Betty and Grandpa outside in winter, Ja. 27, 1945 (2) Aunt Betty only

Aunt Betty Duryee – Grandpa’s Aunt)

Trumbull - Christmas Greetings to Lad (2) - Aunt Betty Duryee - December 25, 1939

Trumbull - Christmas Greetings to Lad (2) - Aunt Betty (2) - December 25, 1939

Alfred dear,

The only lack in this beautiful and happy day is your absence around the tree and offering the presents that you have contributed, to our happiness. Thank you very much for I know I shall enjoy what you gave me. May you have all the joy and happiness and health and what you most desire all through the coming year.


Aunt Betty


Biss (Elizabeth) Guion Zabel

Elizabeth (Biss Guion) Zabel

Trumbull - Christmas GHreetings to Lad (2) - Elizabeth ((Biss) Guion) Zabel (1) - December 25, 1939

Dear Alfred—–

Raymond (“Little Zeke”, “Butch”, “Spike”, “Chummy”, “Oscar”) was talking a greeting to you in his language a few minutes ago but he has gone back to sleep now. I am sorry I have neglected you so –  but I promise to write you in the very near future and I hope it will make up for the past year. I will write a book then – if I can remember everything I have to say. I am sorry you weren’t here for the holidays and I do think of you even if I haven’t written. I am a great deal busier than I used to be and stay home a good deal more (believe it or not). My writing still seems to be as bad as ever, if not worse, but you can forgive that because I haven’t written in ages!

Trumbull - Christmas Greetings to Lad (2) - Elizabeth (Biss Guion) Zabel (2) - December 25, 1939

Little chummy thanks you for the high chair (and so do I) although he says he is, as yet, a wee bit too small to fit into it – but it won’t be so very long. I’m afraid he will be a spoiled brat by the time he is a year old. Well more later (and it will probably be full of his doing and saying) and a Merry Christmas to you —




Dave - 1938

David Peabody Guion

Trumbull - Christmas Greetings to Lad (2) - Dave - December 25, 1939

Hello Chum,

No doubt you saw my writing paper, one of my presents. I got a secondhand Waltham watch (wrist) which was originally an $18 watch. Also I received a tennis racket, and a lettering set with 25 different kinds of pen points. I’ll write you soon again, maybe.

Bonus Dies (Latin – good day)



Mack - Snow Dog - March, 1940


Trumbull - Christmas Greetings to Lad (2) - Mack

Mack –

With a couple of woofs –

His mark

as recorded by

the undersigned,

Elsie M Guion

Aunt Betty

Witness: AD Guion

Tomorrow, I will post two Christmas Cards sent to Lad in Venezuela. 

Judy Guion


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