Special Picture # 362 – Thanksgiving at the Trumbull House – 1963

Obviously these pictures were over-exposed but I wanted to share them anyway. I believe they were taken at a Thanksgiving Dinner at the Trumbull House, probably in 1963. It appears that the Daniel and Paulette Guion family as well as the Elizabeth and Raymond Zabel family joined my family and Grandpa at the Big House for dinner. My Mom did the cooking.

APG - Thanksgiving - 1963 - Adults

Clockwise from the lower left: Marian (Irwin) Guion, Alfred Peabody Guion, Raymond (Zeke) Zabel, Elizabeth (Guion) Zabel and Alfred Duryee Guion, (Grandpa). Missing from this picture is Daniel Beck Guion (probably the photographer) and his wife, Paulette (Van Leare) Guion. This table was set in the dining area of the large kitchen.

APG - Thanksgiving - 1963 - Teens

Clockwise from lower left: My twin brother Doug, my younger brother Greg, me, cousin Marty Zabel, cousin Raymond Zabel Jr. (Butch), Dan’s oldest son, Cedric. Missing from this picture is Dan’s oldest daughter Arla. This table was set up in the enclosed screen porch next to the old dining room.

APG - Thanksgiving - 1963 - (kIDS)

Left to right: Dan’s middle son Bruce, Dan’s youngest daughter Wendy, cousin Arla Zabel, Dan’s middle daughter Michele, my sister Marian Lynn.  This table was set up in Grandpa’s living room.

Tomorrow I will begin a week of letters written at the beginning of 1940. Lad is working in Venezuela for the Socony-Vacuum Oil Company as a mechanical troubleshooter for their vehicles and deisel-powered Oil Pumps. Dan, Ced, Dick and Dave are all living at the Trumbull House with Grandpa and Elizabeth (Biss) is busy with her house and the care of her new son, Raymond Zabel Jr.

Judy Guion


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