Ced’s Amazing Adventure (3) – Ossining, New York to Chagrin Falls, Ohio – July 23, 1934

Last weekend I started a series of posts based on the letters, photos and memorabilia Ced collected on a hitchhiking trip from Trumbull, Connecticut to North Dakota and Wisconsin. His Mother, Arla Mary (Peabody) Guion, had passed away the year before and he wanted to get to know the Peabody family members who knew his Mother and to see the place where she grew up. I will continue the story every weekend for a while.

Ced - 1938

Cedric Duryee Guion

Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Monday, July 23, 1934

Dear Dad,

Sorry I could not write sooner but when you get a hitch through the city it is better not to stop at the post office, therefore this is the first convenient time I have had. Now for the story.

I am with the Draz’s and arrived yesterday afternoon. I had trouble finding them because their address is not the one you gave me.

I stayed with Grandmother (Peabody) until Thursday noon and while there, I went with Burton Peabody, His Mother Arla’s brother), Grandma and Aunt Dorothy (Peabody, Grandma Arla’s youngest sister) to three or four places on the Hudson and saw Sing Sing from the outlooks. I had lunch with Grandmother Thursday and she made me some sandwiches and had me take them with me. I got a ride, after walking about 3 miles, in a 1932 Buick with three army officers on their way to a reunion and they were having quite a gay time smoking, drinking and swearing at each other. I left them and walked about 100 feet and caught another Buick which took me about 10 miles and across Bear Mountain Bridge. I walked about 5 miles before getting another ride which was about 5 miles long on the running board of a Studebaker, then I got a short ride and walked about a mile and got another ride about 10 miles, walked another mile and got a ride about a mile long and then I stopped to get something at a little refreshment stand and was presented with a plate of spaghetti and the glass of malted milk with ice cream free of charge. After that I walked until about one o’clock, about six or 7 miles and got about a 10 mile ride. I walked another mile or so and then found a suitable camping spot and spent the night slapping mosquitoes.

The next day, Friday, I walked about 3 miles before getting a ride and then walked about 5 miles and came upon a Connecticut Ford which was packed and got a sort of grudge ride for about 10 miles. Just after that my luck improved and I got rides in two more Fords, then and A. & P. Mack truck picked me up and apparently the governor on it was not in correct adjustment and the driver was having a good time taking corners at high speed. Next I rode with two women without thanking them and they took me about 3 miles then I rode through some wild country in two small delivery trucks, one was a post office truck. Then I got rides in a Ford and a Chrysler which got me to Scranton where I learned Mr. Kreitler is away until September. It started to rain so I put up at a boarding house.

The next day I rode through some of the most beautiful mountains I have ever seen along the Allegheny River Valley; the views were perfect and most of the way through there with a nice man who was on his way home from New York where his wife and little boy and girl were staying. He carried me about 175 miles and as we went, pointed out some points of interest, among them the mystery of nature where there is  nice warm weather and not a cold winter, and places where the mountains were 2427 feet high.

I slept outdoors again Saturday night and Sunday I rode into Cleveland where I found by the telephone book that your address for Draz’s was wrong. Their place is about 18 miles east of Cleveland. I wandered around trying to find out how to get to Chagrin Falls and finally I called from a tavern in Little Italy, and Uncle Frank came down and got me. I expect to stay at Chagrin Falls today and leave tomorrow morning.

CDG - Vehicles - Ossining, NY to Cleveland, Ohio

I am feeling fine and hope you are all well. I am keeping a diary of all autos I ride in and I have quite a list already. We’re going into Cleveland on a sightseeing trip in a few minutes and so, in haste, goodbye until the next time.


Tomorrow, another post concerning Ced’s Amazing Adventure. Next week I’ll be posting letters written in 1945. The year is drawi9ng to a close and it appears that both Lad and Dick will be home for good by Christmas. 

Judy Guion


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