Ced’s Amazing Adventure (10) – What I Saw at the Chicago World’s Fair (3) – July, 1934

CDG - Chicago Fair - 1934 (Administration Building) (2)


I could not go in here and so can’t say much about it, except that I don’t know a thing about it and furthermore, it is all a mystery to me.

CDG - Chicago Fair - 1934 (A Lincoln Group) (2)


As an admission was charged in here I did not go in feeling that it would not be worth the price asked.

CDG - Chicago Fair - 1934 (Federal Building) (2)


This is on the island and certainly does have a wonderful court to look out on.

The Hall of States adjoined this building but neither Connecticut or New York were represented.

CDG - Chicago Fair - 1934 (Horticultural Building) (2)


I got in here on a concession ticket and was surprised at the great interest I was able to work up over the exhibits in the building and the lovely gardens outside and in the rear. I spent quite a bit of time in this building and the gardens.

CDG - Chicago Fair - 1934 ( Maya Temple) (2)


Walked into this building and stayed about five minutes and then turned around and walked out again. I could work up very little enthusiasm over it.

Next weekend, more of “What I Saw at the Chicago World’s Fair”. 

Tomorrow, I will begin a week of letters written in 1945. Lad is now out of the Army and Dick is scheduled to leave Uncle Sam’s employ by the end of the week. Ced is on his own, flying from the Monroe Airport in Connecticut back to Anchorage, Alaska, after spending about a month at home. We will also hear from Dan and Dave along with some Christmas greetings.

Judy Guion


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