Trumbull – Dear Chillun (2) – News From Dan and Paulette – December 16, 1945

Page 2    12/16/45

And now for the distant ones. Just as we are beginning to wonder when we’ll hear from busy Dan again, out pops a letter, usually short, with a promise to write again later and give us the lowdown. The last one from Aix, France, dated Nov. 30th, says: “I’ve seen So. France at last. We drove through freezing fog from Versailles to Dijon two days ago and from Dijon to Marseilles (via Lyon and Aix) yesterday. We are staying in a first-rate hotel where thermal springs furnish hot water that put patent medicines to shame – – isn’t anything they won’t cure. I’ve been on the go since I popped up to Calais last Sat., and I am still fatigued, so I’ll tack on my latest order from S.R. (Sears Roebuck) and sign off until another evening when I intend to tell you more about what I have seen and done since renouncing the Army, God bless its impoverished soul!”

O. K., Dan, old Benedict, thy orders shalt have my earnest attention; in fact, Sears already have the latest one you sent, and if they maintain their usual ration you will in due time receive about 50% of the items therein listed, but unless you are receiving better service in package deliveries than usual, it will probably be 1946 before they finally reach you. Meantime I will be interested if any of the packages containing your T-shirts have arrived yet.

But that’s not the only news from France. Daughter Paulette has written another welcome letter (ably translated by Dan). She says: “You see, Dad, not yet do I write you in English. I don’t dare. I am not yet good enough in English. Life here in Calais is not very gay but the merchants are beginning to regain their courage. Houses are being rebuilt, but the food problem is always the same, which isn’t saying much. Here at home my two brothers are continuing their studies. They like Dan and everybody else also finds him charming, and now with his officer’s uniform he looks stunning. How disappointed you must have been to know we could not be in Trumbull before next year. I should have liked very much to have joined you sooner but unfortunately our good intentions proved futile, and while I am upset to have kept your son from you, your patience will be rewarded by the fact that we shall be three instead of two. It is such a wonderful happiness for Dan and me, and here at home there is much joy also. The arrival of baby is the constant topic. He will be like a tiny king. We still have the bassinet which belonged to my youngest brother. When I speak of my baby it is always in the masculine because I believe it will be a little boy. I hope so much that he will resemble his Papa. Is Alfred still in Trumbull? I am impatient to meet all my brothers and sisters. And Dave, have you news of him?”

Tomorrow, the conclusion to this letter. On Friday, two Christmas cards for Ced.

On Saturday and Sunday, more of Ced’s Amazing Adventure.

Judy Guion

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