Family – Christmas Greetings to Ced in Alaska – December, 1945

Two Christmas cards to Ced from members of the family – one from his brother and sister-in-law, Lad and Marian, and another from his Aunt Dorothy Peabody.

Hi Ced – The best of holiday greetings to you from two very happy civilians. 

(Lad has just been discharged from the Army.)


Aunt Dorothy Peabody is Arla’s youngest sister. She is only 13 years older than Ced.

Dear Ced – I’m afraid it’s a whole year since I last wrote ! Dad has understandably kept you more or less informed as to my whereabouts- and I imagine on your last trip home you were really brought up to date. I’d hoped you might stop off at the San Francisco Airport on your way back to Alaska. It’s been so long since I last saw you ! Ever so much love and all happiness for the new year ! Aunt Dorothy, 950 Pine St., San Francisco, Calif.

Tomorrow, more of Ced’s Amazing Adventure.

Judy Guion


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