Ced’s Amazing Adventure (12) – What I Saw at the Chicago World’s Fair (5)- July, 1934

While Ced was traveling to North Dakota and Wisconsin to find his late Mother’s family, he stopped at the 1934 Chicago World’s Fair. He kept documents, letters and memorabilia from the Fair. This post is taken from the  booklet, “What I saw at the Chicago World’s Fair – 1934” and it includes comments written by Ced on every page.

CDG - Chicago Fair - 1934 (The Midway) (2)


Went on a sort of wooden trough roller coaster in here and also road on the electric “bumper cars” several times and if I had not run out of money I would have stayed in there. There was one thing which is a metal framework with cars which circle around on the outside of it slowly to the ground. It is purely a scenic amusement and starts quite high off the ground.

CDG - Chicago Fair - 1934 (An Entrancing Vista) (2)


There are some lovely views but I think this is generally overestimated a little.

CDG - Chicago Fair - 1934 (Art Institute) (2)


I don’t even know where this art exhibit was but I think it was in the Field Museum and an admission was charged.

CDG - Chicago Fair - 1934 (Temple of Jehol) (2)


I did not go in here but it was nice looking from the outside.

Tomorrow, we will return to 1940 when Grandpa is acting as a Clearing House for all the family news, collecting and distributing it from the Home Front.

Judy Guion


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