Ced’s Amazing Adventure (13) – What I Saw at the Chicago World’s Fair (6) – July, 1934

My Uncle Ced, Lad’s younger brother, was traveling to North Dakota and Wisconsin to find his late Mother’s family, and stopped at the 1934 Chicago World’s Fair. He kept documents, letters and memorabilia from the Fair. This is another portion from the booklet, “What I saw at the Chicago World’s Fair – 1934” and it includes comments written by Ced on every page. 

CDG - Chicago Fair - 1934 (Night Scene) (2)


This is a typical night view and I think the grounds are far prettier at night than in the daytime.

CDG - Chicago Fair - 1934 (Adler Planetarium) (2)


This is an extremely interesting show and as one watches he is moved to Florida South America, North pole, and anywhere the operator takes a notion to take you. He can project you into the future or into the past at his will.

CDG - Chicago Fair - 1934 (Agricultural Building) (2)


I’m not sure if I went in here or not. (That speaks for itself.)

CDG - Chicago Fair - 1934 (The Railroad that Grew Up With Chicago) (2) 1st page



It is particularly fitting that the North Western Line should join with Chicago in celebrating A Century of Progress. We, too, have our traditions. Our original charter dates back nearly a century. This, you know, was the very first railway to venture beyond Chicago into the hazardous West.

We have seen Chicago grow from a river-bank settlement to a mighty metropolis. And we, too, have grown. From a small second-hand engine and a few miles of strap rails, the North Western has developed into a powerful system that, with its connections embraces all of the West and Northwest.


The first locomotive that ever ventured west of Chicago. It had but one pair of “driving wheels”, 4 1/2 inches in diameter. Now a treasured relic. Be sure to see it at the North Western exhibit in the Travel and Transport building.

Tomorrow, more of Ced’s Amazing Adventure with information about the trains that connected this country.

Judy Guion


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