Trumbull – To the Guions Who Will Not be Home This Christmas (4) – Ced Is More Than Halfway to Anchorage – December 23, 1945

This is the fourth section of a 4-page letter, dealing mostly with Ced’s day by day flight back to Alaska. He is a bit more than half way and this is as up-to-date as Grandpa is at this point. 

Cedric Duryee Guion and his Taylorcraft airplane at the Monroe, Connecticut Airfield before leaving for Anchorage, Alaska

And in the last mail yesterday received letter dated Lethbridge, Canada, Dec 19th. ”Straightened up everything in Great Falls, Mont. yesterday. Bought a funnel, blanket, weather strip, etc. Went out to the Army Field (East Base) and was “briefed” for Alaska, received strip maps from the AAF, saw a couple of P-80 jet jobs which were to leave for Fairbanks, Alaska, at 3 yesterday, but they canceled out, don’t know if they got out today. Also cleared customs and then I went back out to the field, insulated the cabin on the ship (temperature rising) and was all set to get off early this A.M. On arising, found a Chinook wind blowing 40-50 mph and all my plans went to kingdom come. After doing some odd jobs around the plane and bothering the weather Bureau all morning and afternoon, and sweating the wind out, it finally moderated and I took off for Sheffield. Radio transmitter worked O.K. today and then couldn’t hear Lethbridge answer, but they heard me. The gassing and oil change finished at Sheffield, I took off for Lethbridge at 3:35 p.m., arriving at Lethbridge at 5:56, 35 minutes after dark. Tower called me and said I was supposed to have filed a flight plan from G.F. (Great Falls) to L. (Lethbridge), but when I explained no one had told me to, they said it was ATC fault then, and after I went through customs I came into town. Hope to leave early tomorrow for Edmonton, but weather forecast is for snow and poor visibility. Hope they’re wrong. I’m very tired so will quit.”

And there you have the saga to date of young Lindbergh Guion. Having battled through beyond the halfway mark, I have an idea the worst is behind him. Besides my love he holds my respect and admiration. The attempt by a reckless person would be good enough, but in this case it called for real courage and self-confidence. Happy landings, Ced.

Tomorrow, the final segment of this letter which contains quick notes to Dan, Paulette and Dave. 

Judy Guion

2 thoughts on “Trumbull – To the Guions Who Will Not be Home This Christmas (4) – Ced Is More Than Halfway to Anchorage – December 23, 1945

  1. Valerie says:

    What an epic trans-continental flight!

    • Judy Guion says:

      Valerie, And it is not over yet. But this is an undertaking by the same Uncle who hitchhiked when he was 17 from Connecticut to North Dakota and Wisconsin to meet relatives who were complete strangers, although he may have heard a little about them. It is also possible that he really did not know much about them because he had just passed his 16th birthday when his Mother, Arla Mary (Peabody) Guion, passed away.. A true example of The Greatest Generation.

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