Ced’s Amazing Adventure (17) – From Chicago to Star Prairie, Wisconsin (2) – August, 1934

Cedric Duryee Guion, my Uncle and Grandpa’s third son, is in the process of hitchhiking from Trumbull, Connecticut to North Dakota and Wisconsin to meet members of his Mother’s (Arla Mary (Peabody) Guion) family. He spent a few days in Chicago at the 1934 Chicago World’s Fair. The next two posts are from his “Letter Diary”, as Ced writes home to Grandpa and tells him, in the smallest detail, what has happened so far on this Adventure.

Here I got out and started on very nervous and feeling rather terrible. However, this was apparently a very eventful day, for almost every ride brought a new experience as you have probably already seen. The next ride was in an old Chevrolet with a razor blade salesman who stopped at every gas station to trade razor blades for gas so as to get to St. Paul. At one gas station we learned that the hurt boy had gone on ahead of us to the hospital at Eau Claire so apparently there was still life in him. I don’t believe I will ever know if he lived or not and certainly will try to find out very hard. Well, to go on, the traveling salesman slowed me up so much stopping for sales  – gas  – that I was glad when he finally decided to stop and I gladly left him. Soon I got a ride for about 8 miles and then another about three with little walking in between. Then right away another ride right to the road which runs about 10 miles into New Richmond, which is about 8 miles from Uncle Kenneth’s place. This ride was very fast as the man was trying to get to Indianapolis at a certain time, he had already averaged 45 for the last 300 miles and he had a Ford model A about a 1931. Well, when he let me out, I walked along the New Richmond Road about a mile when a young fellow about my age picked me up in a model T that carried me to New Richmond. He said he and two other boys are going to take this Ford roadster to the coast in a few weeks. (I wished him good luck but I did not believe it possible). At New Richmond I called Uncle Douglas and he came and got me.  (Uncle Kenneth has no phone). Ever since I have stayed with the Kenneth Peabody family, but I have met Uncle Douglas his wife and two of his children, Stanley and Francis.

Uncle Douglas, Aunt Edna and daughter Francis taken at Alden, Wisconsin in August, 1934

Uncle Kenneth, Aunt Muriel, Allan, Joyce and Muriel, taken at Alden, Wisconsin, August, 1934

Aunt Nora (Mrs. Kenneth) and Muriel, taken at Alden, Wisconsin, August, 1934

Friday, Uncle Kenneth dropped me off in Uncle Rex’s yard but Rex was not home, however I met his wife, and his two children, Russell and Marshall.

Uncle Rex, Aunt Ella, Russell and Marshall, taken at Deer Park, Wisconsin, August, 1934

(This maybe the picture Uncle Burton is talking about.)

On this farm (the old Peabody farm) there is, as you know, a cottage built by Aunt Helen and Aunt Dorothy.

Uncle Burton, Aunt Anna and Vivien at the Cottage, taken at Alden, Wisconsin, August, 1934

Arla Mary Peabody

       Arla Mary Peabody

Uncle Burton, now 87 years old, lives there and he is a mighty fine old fellow if you ask me. He said that he has a marvelous picture of mother just before she married you and he is going to send you and each of the children separate copies of it. He also gave me three photographs which he said are imperfects. I will explain them all when I get home if you do not know the places and faces. I guess Uncle Burton is the only one that sees much of Rex but I have a feeling that this family is probably coming together again because Uncle Kenneth drove into Rex’s yard today (he told me it was the first time) and he talked with both Russell and Rex’s wife. The Rex Peabodys have invited Uncle Burton for dinner Sunday night.

Uncle Frank (Francis Cornet), Pete Draz, Dave and Dick, taken at Chagrin Falls, Wisconsin, August, 1934

Besides identifying the people, Ced also wrote, “My Godfather, good friend of AD Guion at Mount Vernon, NY”

Uncle Frank’s daughter Barbara is here with Uncle Kenneth until the 12th, so of course I have met her. As I said at the beginning , there is a new baby here and they are crazy about her of course. They are having very hard times this year and Uncle Kenneth and I were talking together and he said they had gotten no hay at all this year, of course the well for running water is dry but they have got a hand pumped well which holds up pretty well. They all wanted me to send their love to you.

I like them all very much although I have not seen much of any but the Kenneth Peabody’s. I have seen the cows milked. Today I went with Uncle Kenneth and watched him run the binder. I am having a wonderful time and hope you all are.

Lots of love to you all,


My present address is in care of Mr. Kenneth Peabody, Star Prairie, Wisc. Route 1

Tomorrow, a letter written by Grandpa to Ced.

Judy Guion

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