Trumbull – Dear Lad (3) – Mack’s Adventures – February 10, 1940

This very creative letter was created by Dave, pretending to write as Mack, the family pet.

Mack - Snow Dog - March, 1940

Mack, posing for his snow portrait

DPG - Letter From Mack to Lad, 2.11.1940

DPG - Letter From Mack to Lad (2) - February 11, 1940

DPG - Letter From Mack to Lad (3) - February 11, 1940

Sunday         Feb 10, 1940

Der brother Afurd,

I am miserable. Dick gave me a bath the other day, just because I went for a stroll in a fertile field. I wonder if I would no you if I saw you, I think I would. I would prably no you by your smell (don’t get me wrong). I’m getting fatter all the time. Zeke says it’s a DAM shame I don’t get fed more but he’s crazy. One day I went down to Center School to look around and I went in one room where a bunch of little kids and a rather plump teacher – I recognized the teacher as a girl I had seen befor. She started to teach me to read and write. It was Babe. (Lad’s girlfriend). Some time ago, while I was asleep in the music room, I heard a lot of noise in the kitchen. Then I heard Dick say, “HERE, MACK”. So I ran in there and Ced and Dick were standing around with brooms in their hands. I heard a scurrying around in back of the cabinet. All of a sudden out ran a rat. AH, A MEAL !!! But Ced took the remains of him away from me. I caught five (5), two in one night. I was a hero until I went for that walk in the field I mentioned at the beginning of this letter. Well, I guess there’s no other news now so I’ll say,

Bow, wow !!


Tomorrow and Sunday we will rejoin Ced on his Amazing Adventure.

Judy Guion


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    Letter written by a dog. Bow Wow.

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