Ced’s Amazing Adventure (20) – A Scavenger Hunt and a Few Last Words – August 8, 1934

Scavenger Hunt list


1. Constables cap

2. Canary Cage

3. Road Sign

4. Telegram Blank 

5. False Teeth

6. Stamper from Library

7. Something with feathers eight

8. Monogrammed handkerchief

9. Telephone Book from public place

10. Flannel nightshirt (man’s) 

11. Menu from anywhere

12. Ladies Dance set

13. Men’s Garters

14. Bulb from Street Light (unbroken)

15. Board from stand of Carnival

16. Lock of Red hair

17. Fish from fishbowl

18. Clock (electric)

19. Bird Bath

20. Animal from Beardsley Park

21. Ticket from show (whole)

22. Ear of corn

23. Ice cream dish

24. Corn cob pipe

25. a black poodle dog

26. Bottle of oil from gas station 

27. Screen off of window

28. Something odoriferous

29. Button from Usher in show

30. Something ending in A

31. Piece of green velvet 

32. Get a flea

33. Sugar Cubes from diner

34. Sign from $.10 store

35. Stove Pipe 

36. Pint of cream

37. Something from Merritt Highway

38. Gaily painted ladder

39. Souvenir from couple in Beardsley Park

40. A train schedule

(This is quite a long list. I would love to know if they were able to find everything.)

Grandma (Peabody) and Uncle Burton (Peabody) drove over from Ossining Sunday afternoon to see Corinne (Flaniken, I haven’t figured out how she knows the family, yet.)

Aunt Elsie (Guion, Grandpa’s sister) is coming to Trumbull on the 26th to celebrate her birthday. Do you anticipate being home by that time? Received a note from Uncle Francis today in which he expresses the hope you will stop out there again on your way home.

I am so glad you are meeting all of Mother’s folks. You are an ambassador without portfolio, charged with the mission of extending a goodwill message all with an earnest invitation to visit us when any of them come east.

Well, here’s hoping this reaches you in time. I think if you sent your letter to the office they would reach me sooner.

Good luck, bon voyage and lots of love.


Tomorrow I will begin posting letters written in March of  1942. Dan has joined the Army and Lad expects to be drafted soon. Grandpa is feeling the results of the war on a personal level. 

Judy Guion

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