Ced’s Amazing Adventure (22) – A Postcard to Ced and Another From Ced to Grandpa – August, 1934

The following postcard is from Helen Burnham. The Burnham’s were neighbors of  Grandma and Grandpa Guion in Larchmont Gardens, at the Lincoln Avenue House. Helen’s father, Rufus, remained a lifelong friend of Grandpa’s.

CDG - Helen Burnham to Ced - Aug., 8, 1934

Tues., August 7, 1934

Dear Ced,

The family have asked me to write this for us all to thank you for your many cards. We do appreciate your little notes ever so much and I hope you will continue to send them.

Hope you’re having a nice time meeting all your relatives. Star Prairie is such a pretty name, is it as pretty a place as it sounds?

Dad is teaching me to drive. Tonight after supper, while it is still light, we took the car out to some unfrequented stretch of road and then I took the wheel. Tonight I drove all the way home.

Yesterday Ellie and I went swimming at Playland with a friend. I got a terrible sunburn and in suffering agonies. Next time I will be more careful.

The writing on the rest of the card is so small that I can’t read what she has written, 


This is a list of the brothers and sisters of Kemper Peabody, Arla’s father, in birth order, to help you figure out relationships. (U’m still having trouble figuring out who all these people are, myself !):

  1. Putnam Burton, b. 28 July 1856, Alden, Wisc.
  2. Sarah Ester, b. 4 April 1858
  3. Helen Sophia, b. 17 Nov 1859
  4. Kemper, b. 2 Aug, 1861, Sheboygan, Wisc., m. Anna Charlotta Westlin (Grandma Peabody) (Father of Arla Mary Peabody, who married Alfred D Guion, Grandpa to me)
  5. Lloyd, b. 31 Aug 1863, Alden, Wisc
  6. Mary Brown, b. Sept, 1865
  7. Ellen Marion, b. 6 April 1867
  8. Eunice Diantha, b. 15 Nov. 1868
  9. Douglas, b. 12 Sept. 1871
  10. 10. Francis Cornet, b. 3 July 1873
  11. 11. Norman Rex, b. 29 June 1877
  12. 12. Margaret Smith Osborne, b. 3 Sept. 1879; d. 7 April 1880
  13. 13. Kenneth Foster, b. 17 Nov. 1881


This next postcard is from Ced to Grandpa:

CDG - Ced's postal to Grandpa, Aug., 10, 1934

Wednesday, Star Prairie

Dear Dad,

Since writing you last I have worked on a thresher when I met Uncle Rex. I have also written of Douglas’s children, Mercedes, and last Sunday we went down to John Dale’s where we met John, his wife and their five children. Next Sunday Uncle Fred and his wife are coming up from St. Paul to get Barbara and I am going back with them. In St. Paul I will also meet Uncle Lloyd. We play ten kettles almost every night while Uncle Kenneth milks and we have some good times. Last week I went with Uncle Kenneth to a farm meeting where donations were made for the truck strikers. More later.

Lots of love to all,


Tomorrow and for the rest of the week, I will post A Christmas Report From Trumbull, Connecticut, December 30, 1945.

Judy Guion


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