Friends – Dear Laddie – An Obiturary and A Trailer – March 29, 1940

At this point in 1940, Lad is the only son away from home. In a few months, Dan and Ced will leave for Alaska and you will learn more as the time gets closer.

Lad in Venezuela with his car

          Lad in Venezuela with his car

Mar. 29, 1940

Dear Laddie,

Have you gone native or something? Why don’t you write?

I hear you have a V-8 – too bad, but I suppose one must bow to necessity. Or have you become a convert.

Have you heard the news? (I think I told you that Alta and I were engaged). I am buying a new (demonstrator) 21 1/2 foot trailer in which we intend to make our home. It is to be delivered in June. I am quite bugs on the subject of trailers. They seem to me to be the ideal answer to a young (or old) couple’s home needs, especially if they, like us, suffer from the itching (not athlete’s) foot.

Do you expect to get home at the end of your two years?

Perhaps you know that Rusty, plus the usual general hell raising, has been visiting your family for some time.

Your new nephew is getting to be quite a spunky little devil. His dad and I and a couple of others go out target practicing nearly every Sunday.

I enclose the obituary

               Arnold Gibson

Alta Pratt

                Alta Pratt

Write soon, Laddie.

Your friend,


Arnold Gibson, know to family and friends as Gibby, is Lad’s best friend back in Trumbull. They have a shared interest in all things mechanical, from motorcycles to cars and trailers.

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting a short letter from Grandpa, who is still under the weather, Wednesday and Thursday,  a letter from friends and on Friday, another short letter from Grandpa.

Judy Guion

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