Friends – Hello Laddie (2) – Birthday Greetings From The Two “Jeeps” – April 3, 1940

This is a continuation of a letter I started yesterday from Laura May (Larry) and Russ Stanley, friends of Lad and his girlfriend, Cecelia Mullins (Babe).

Christmas seems very far in the past right now, but did you have a nice holiday? Our Christmas was a very happy one and everyone on this side of the border seems to be on the upgrade again.

Babe has been up for a weekend or two this winter, but at this writing we have not seen her in about six weeks. She undoubtedly has a lot going on and New Haven is a long way off when you are having a good time at home.

It would be better than anything, if you might come home in time to help us celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary next year. Perhaps we can hope for that, even if you do not come back to stay you could come home on leave, or something.

We were glad to hear that you had escaped, even if it was by a very narrow margin, the dreaded malaria. Your description of your trip and the beach is very good, in fact I have a fair picture of the place in my mind.

Triaga Venado - Guario - April, 1940

 Triaga Venado – Guario – April, 1940

Lad must have written about this snake but I only have copies of his letters to family members.  I think it’s the kind of story that Larry and Russ would have enjoyed.

What have you been doing? You usually have had some very exciting or interesting piece of news in your letters and we just wait to hear from you about them. We are learning a great deal from your letters, about the country that you are at present living in. In fact I think your letters bound in book form would make for very interesting reading. There is an idea for what it is worth.

I will have to close this now, and please write to us unless you don’t want to hear or bother to write to us. I hope you do however, as you are still very dear to us.

Until the time, when I hope we will hear from you then, God be with you,

Love from the two “Jeeps”

Larry and Russ

Tomorrow, I will finish out the week with another letter from Grandpa to Lad.

Judy Guion

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