“Liquid Heaven” (2) – The Origin Of Our Special Place – 1945 – 2022

ADG - Grandpa and the boys on Spring Island (cropped) - 1948

The first picture of Guions on the Island. 

L. to R. – Alfred Peabody Guion (Lad), Richard Peabody Guion (Dick), Cedric Duryee Guion (Ced) and Alfred Duryee Guion (Grandpa), I believe this picture was taken by Rusty Heurlin, who’s family had sold the Island to us in 1945.

Following is a quote from a letter Grandpa wrote in September, 1945. 

This will be of short duration, as it is now almost 10:30 EST and we have just arrived home from a trip to Bedford, N.Y. (Lad driving), where we called on Brita (Huerlin, Rusdty Huerlin’s sister) and Sydney Bagshaw and were lucky enough to find Anna (Huerlin, another of Rusty Huerlin’s sister) visiting. Peter, whom you will recall, Dick, as having had an accident while swinging at his home in Whitestone, has grown to be quite a boy. They have a really wonderful place – – an old mill which has been converted with truly artistic touches which you might expect of a Heurlin married to an artist – – with mill stone, a mill race which they use as a swimming pool, a waterfall, and in every sense a most attractive place. They are all coming for a visit to Trumbull next Friday, we hope, on which occasion we will show pictures of Alaska, etc. We talked about old times, the island at Lake Winn. Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire), which Anne still owns and which she is willing to sell. What do you boys think of the idea of our purchasing it and putting up a cabin for a summer camping place?

The rest is history. I will post more next weekend.

Judy Guion


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